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About Varied / Professional James Turner MohanMale/Antarctica Group :icontolkien-voronwe: Tolkien-Voronwe
Loyal to lore of Tolkien.
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The Silmarillion teleplay, opening
So yeah, some years back I did try my hand at adapting 'The Silmarillion' as a screenplay for television (yes, I am one of those people :P). My planned layout was for a three-season, roughly thirty hour long run that would take us from the time of the Noldor in Valinor to the end of the First Age (roughly the material covered in the "Quenta Silmarillion") and would focus primarily on the relationship between Elves and Men. I never finished it, and looking back on it I'm pretty confident that I should hedge my bets for any kind of involvement in the movie industry on my art rather than my writing, but this project - my thoughts about how to "present" Tolkien's great literary third-stringer - has overlapped significantly with a lot of the conceptual thinking that has gone into my fan art. I suppose in many ways my long running "Tolkien sketchblog" has been, in my mind, preparation for involvement in such a project if it were ever to happen. I kind of doubt it will though (the big wigs at
:iconturnermohan:TurnerMohan 16 25
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TurnerMohan's Profile Picture
James Turner Mohan
Artist | Professional | Varied
my name is Turner. I'm a fantasy illustrator living and working in NYC. I work mostly in pencil and pen, but have been trying to get into watercolor aswell.
(I also make medieval armor, in case anyone's interested :) )

come take a look, leave a comment. I'll be happy to hear from you

Turner Mohan


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Do you think Orcs wear human clothes, what about the Uruks? I've always imagined the Uruks wearing black and gray wool, maybe paid to Isengard as tribute. Orcs would not care for such things, maybe wearing paleolithic-like fur things in the winter, but clothes, no. The Uruks are different, they seem like they want to appear almost "human-like" in an orcish sense. They seem to feel pride over their difference with Orcs. With Half-orcs and Humans living in Isengard aside them, they might seem inspired to wear human clothes. What do you think?
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