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Gyakuten Saiban & Ace Attorney Fan Club.
We love the games of Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Miles Edgeworth!
Founded 12 Years ago
Apr 21, 2007


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Fan Club

4,338 Members
3,945 Watchers
228,804 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Snackoo Invaders by magical-bra
Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies by astroaxus
Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies by root8beat
Beso bajo el Muerdago by Xtreme-jp
Merry Christmas by Blackwitchycat1020
Don't leave me, please... by allamandaphotography
Ace Attorney - Apollo Justice tribute by Gini-Gini
Badge of Honor by geegeeman77
Phoenix Wright by xXAyaYuiXx
Happy Birthday Phoenix! by REIdepenguin
Golpe de Justicia by Xtreme-jp
The Feys
Maya Fey - Happy New Year by 1412s-assistant
Hawthorne Twins (Danganronpa style) by Kirbyfan2002
Inktober Ace Attorney 22 - Iris by FanwenArt
Pearl Fey Ace Attorney color version by LestatHallwardHolmes
Edgeworth shirtless by allamandaphotography
Clothesplosion- Edgeworth version by Hikari-Kaitou
Cheers! ~ + New Style? by SergeantDilk
Resignation by Grifoshka
Apollo Justice - Ace Atorney by Woouu
Apollo Justice - I'm fine ! by FanwenArt
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [WB] by iKiwed
Apollo Justice in Ghost Trick by iKiwed
Improvement! by hinaii
the grand magician by aquatic4l
(   ) by Asharros
Trucy Wright by sammyd14
Godot Ace Attorney by LestatHallwardHolmes
Vergil - Godot (COMMISSION) by Sabi-Cat-13
Random Chars. 9: Morning Coffee by Scarlet-Ajani

Mature Content

Kitten, I miss you by PrincessLunaMoon19
Franziska von Karma
prodigious prosecutor by Fenori
Franziska von Karma by StarWolf597
Riding Star by SweetLittleVampire
Son el uno para el otro by Xtreme-jp
Gummy and Missile by Sora-Noel
Gumshoe - READ COMMENTS! by Garrison12
Little Gumshoe by TopHatLycanthrope
Ace Attorney - Dick Gumshoe (Colored sketch) by MereldenWinter
Great Thief by Lumatora
Klavier Kristoph
Klavier - Sun and Moon and Stars by KarniMolly
Other characters
Luke Atmey by RavioliDraws
Professor Layton vs Gyakuten Saiban
First Espella! by datcravat
Fanfic Prose Comics
REQUEST #10 by Jiore
Original Characters
Dangan Attorney (Personas) by Kirbyfan2002
Yaoi Yuri
Feel Better Soon, Aibou P1 by Hikari-Kaitou

Mature Content

Clothesplosion- Apollo version by Hikari-Kaitou
Patches Cosplay (Uendo Toneido) by Miuumitsu
Theme Month
Un Joyeux Ace Halloween 2018! by Astrogirl500
Chibi Attorney: Spirit of Justice by lzanami
Phoenix, Maya and Deadpool Smooth Criminal by SuperVegeta1986
Summer Contest Entries
Athena Cykes - The Courtroom's Revolution by AnimeAddicter
AA: Athena by inesp22
Aura Blackquill by Eugengrau
Ema Skye
Ema Skye by inesp22
Dual Destinies
[Commission] Simon, there's a cockroach!! by allamandaphotography
Spirit of Justice
Bonnie and Betty by kurolain


Gumshoe by poppyfox
+ Fool, Scruffy Detective + by BoGilliam
perfect prosecutors by sulfoxides
Ace Attorney Investigaaaations by soopabunnie
Contests and Theme Month Entries
Ace Attorney: Unreal Turnabout by MoogleMage
Shopping Time by Messere-Glad
How Phoenix gets his info by gejimayo
Guilty Guilty Guilty by yesi-chan
PW Groups
[ Art Trade ] Ace Attorney - Phoenix and Maya by Foxmi
Maya's true love by BrokenTeapot
BEEP BEEP by crovvn
Walking Home Phoenix by Sirilu
AJ Groups
Trucy Fanart by RedSwordman777
Coming home to the usual by MaxwellsDeamon
AAAJ: Sunday Morning by aoineko
Mia Fey 3 by Shakeitlikeaparsnip
Ace Attorney Investigations
Secret sneaking technique by azmin
Miles Edgeworth x Dick Gumshoe by Vani-Fox
Pinky Swear by kougrapaw
TEEHEE by AkatsukiPie
Miles Edgeworth
It Wouldnt Kill You To Smile More by nikukurin
Raspberry Rules All by XxGothic-VanillaxX
miles edgeworth lineart by priskilairene
Dick Gumshoe
Dick Gumshoe by mowglisroad
Hey, Pal-- by crystalAlluvion
One Cold Rainy Night... by RosyAutumn
Phoenix Wright: More Fun :D by Himbeerschnee
Apollo Justice
Young Apollo in the Library by axl99
GOTCHA. by TheBoyofCheese
Von Karmas
Franny Fanart by RedSwordman777
PW: Franzyyyy by Maksn
AAI: Sketch of Franziska by NHfan4ever
Herr von Karma by Angelus-Tenebrae
Reminicent Coffee by Awoki
Fey Family
Susato--The great ace attorney 3D model by aoba-ART
Ema Skye

Mature Content

Tied Ema Skye by TMason
Klavier and Kristoph Gavin
[AA] Klavier Gavin by Hiaennyddei
Trucy Wright
The Amazing world of Trucy by JulsSnape
Clients Witnesses and Suspects etc
Daryan by WondersSecret
Members' Original AA Characters
FWAA: Mariko  Future by MonokingDraws
Fanfiction and Comics
Disputa (Ace Attorney) by Orquidea995

Mature Content

Take That Peanut Gallery by TMason
COMISSION: Maya x Ema by alexis-the-angel
Narumitsu Chibi by GLFlayART
Flash Games and Animations
Ace Attorney Dress Up Game by mayasato
Cosplay and Plushies Etc
Apollo Justice OBJECTION!!! by doumekihousuke
Random and Crack
Turnabout Phoenix Down by Bob-Raigen
Larry x Alita Stamp by nekonohime
PW memes
Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in Vs. Frieza DEATH BATTLE!!! by Camperor

Random from Featured

Edgeworth Miles SD gif by Nekoi-Echizen Edgeworth Miles SD gif :iconnekoi-echizen:Nekoi-Echizen 217 24 Phoenix Wright SD gif by Nekoi-Echizen Phoenix Wright SD gif :iconnekoi-echizen:Nekoi-Echizen 112 4 igiari by lene igiari :iconlene:lene 27 9 COME WITH US EDGEWORTH by the-good-times COME WITH US EDGEWORTH :iconthe-good-times:the-good-times 2,247 273 GRAYP JOOS by Ilovetodraw GRAYP JOOS :iconilovetodraw:Ilovetodraw 94 49 WAZZAP DAWG by Ilovetodraw WAZZAP DAWG :iconilovetodraw:Ilovetodraw 35 32 Zenitora's Gift from Pearly by Deidaraun Zenitora's Gift from Pearly :icondeidaraun:Deidaraun 1 2 Franziska's Comeback by Deidaraun Franziska's Comeback :icondeidaraun:Deidaraun 3 2 Get Well Soon by Deidaraun Get Well Soon :icondeidaraun:Deidaraun 2 2 Together Through time by Deidaraun Together Through time :icondeidaraun:Deidaraun 1 2 Ini by Midnas Ini :iconmidnas:Midnas 18 17 Detective Gumshoe by Ddragoon Detective Gumshoe :iconddragoon:Ddragoon 37 22 Dick Gumshoe Colored by Ddragoon Dick Gumshoe Colored :iconddragoon:Ddragoon 53 12 A Kind of Love by Deidaraun A Kind of Love :icondeidaraun:Deidaraun 26 9 Objecting Objectiveness by Deidaraun Objecting Objectiveness :icondeidaraun:Deidaraun 3 19 Whipped by Alcnolien Whipped :iconalcnolien:Alcnolien 73 30

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The easiest way is to gallery and find the right collection to add your fanart to (apollo, fanfic, cosplay, etc) Once you do this click on the + button and choose submit or contribute existing art.

:bulletblue: If you submit to the wrong folder we might deny it, if this happens, resubmit to the right folder. If you are unsure which folder to choose, just ask!

:bulletblue: Submissions using official art/sprites are not allowed, as per deviantART's copyright policy unless they are stamps or dA IDs

:bulletred: This is a club with a wide range of tastes. If you don't like a particular character or pairing, please don't bash the artist's work.

:bulletblue: Fanart of all kinds allowed (art, fics, cosplay, humour/random things, etc)

:bulletred: Just about any pictures are allowed, as long as they do not breach DeviantART's terms of service. We aim to cater for a wide fan base, so if you don't like it, don't look at it!

See the Rules and Regulations Journal for more on submitting!

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Does someone want to volunteer to help with this club?  I'll be honest, I sort of inherited co-foundership of this club because I was salty as heck that DA wasn't taking copyright infringement seriously anymore, and I wanted to be a mod specifically to keep people raiding pixiv from submitting stolen work here.  This is the only club I deal with, and I really don't know what I'm doing here.  I think there are other moderators around, but in the meantime, does anyone want to join and help out?
Sorry this is late, I was... playing Spirit of Justice.  Highly recommended, by the way, passed it this weekend.  It does not include the preorder episodes, but I've heard that they might come with the DLC case, which people are hopeful for.  The alternate costumes are still free for a day or two as long as you pass the first trial and download them within a week of the release.  School uniform for Apollo, Tres Bien waitress for Athena, and Furio Tigre for Phoenix.

I've created a Spirit of Justice folder, and I'll try to move stuff into it, but since it's new I won't be declining images not submitted to it.
As of today, there's a playable demo of PW6, Spirit of Justice available on the Nintendo eShop.  If you have access, I would recommend downloading it just to try to keep it popular and get word of the game around since we can't rely on Capcom to do any advertising.  I've heard it's currently on the front page!

Official release date is September 8th, for download only.  No word on the presale trials, I've even asked around Capcom Unity forum and apparently there's been no official word at all.
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Astrogirl500 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THX for accept my arts :)
nikukurin Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018
Might need to hire more admins to approve submissions
Lumatora Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Student General Artist
Hey! My phone glitched and submitted a piece like five times. I wasn’t trying to spam on purpose, lol. Sorry about that!
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lol no worries
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Bonnie and Betty by kurolain
Hi I would love to submit this into the spirit of justice folder, but its not open 
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do you allow sprite comics?
IwatobiSurveyCorps Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad this group is as active as ever!! Finally a place where I can express my love for the ace attorney franchise!Gee, I just wish Ace Attorney was as popular as it used to be.
Hopefully with the 6th game out as well as the new Anime, maybe more people will decide to play it and make it more popular. As a hardcore fan of the Ace attorney franchise, I hope the best for this series!!
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