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rockst3ady will make you jump

from the moment I saw this photo.I wanted to do a vector of it.
I tried to keep it as close to the original photo as possible.because I liked everything about the photo.
this is a fantastic Photo by the original photo>>[link]
the guy in the photo is

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new we're gettin better
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also... you vectored the guy soo well! you could take him all by himself and just make an ad... just a suggestion... it would be cool!
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ok I'm just freaking out... I think the net especially is just soooo awesome!!
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nice vector! awesome job on the shadows and stuff... :)
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Awesome man, love it!
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I wanna to THAT!
SCHWEET! Awesome job!

top quality!!! fav for sure
i really like this piece - i was amazed by how accurate the shadow of the net was (maybe a bit less amazing since its from a photo) but it's a really nice vector, clean and some cool use of gradients and detail.
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sweet, nice vector art. love those shoes :)
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really nicely done. love the shadows, colors, ambiance.
that's great job, looks really perfect as close to the original pic.
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Wow, you're really talented! Keep it up!
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Great ... Lots of detail, motion , I love the shadows too ... wonderful work
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really nice work :) i like it a lot !!!

but the ball will never enter :)
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Magic !!
Good colors, nice shots... I prefer the vector :)
clap clap !!
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amazing vector work here
lots of colors
and detail
nice work dude
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I love the fact that you get a sense of movement in this image, the colours are also very good.
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dude thats so fucking good. god damn man. That net and shorts are just amazing.

this gets a :+fav:
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Great vector piece! :clap:
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that is a really great vector.
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At first glance I thought someone had done a stylized, cell shaded, 3D scene here but upon reading your description I find out that it's a vector piece. I can honestly say that I am more than impressed... great work. :thumbsup:
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White man can't jump. Awsome vector work man.
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