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return of thefaceless skater

I'm happy with the outcome.the fence took me a very long time.
if you would like to see the first thefaceless skater....[link]
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wow i was under the imperssion it was a real image when i sore the thumbnail!!!! great job
BronzeRocket's avatar
The depth of field is really convincing in this. The gradient on the fence seems so dead on.
Murakumon's avatar
Really captures the moment. astounding detail, nice gradients. Gonna fav this as soon as I figure out how to. :)
paperairplane's avatar
Thats really sweet.
The chain links and back ground details definitely look like they took some time to make.
Great job. :handshake:
xsetor's avatar
Great great great! That fence its good man, really crazy.

RS-foto's avatar
w00t rollerblading, yay! Nice job =D
AsellusKamijo's avatar
oh my goood
perfect work!
theonlyho's avatar
you were FEATURED on TV... whoaaaaaa....
diamondscan's avatar
The fence is what mesmerizes me. I can't imagine the amount of time it took to put in those subtle bends in the wire, but they are gorgeous! :clap:
deadkenndys1105's avatar
i saw this on g4 when it was live. i think only a real skater know what that feels like
sean723's avatar
absolutely sick shot, love the colours & composition. great vector man, & sick choice of subject:D
kgx's avatar
I can't stop looking at the fence!! It's amazing :D
ahgrafx's avatar
that fence is pretty amazing
kapi's avatar
neat! great use of colors :nod:
Zlatty's avatar
very awesome vectorization
i really like what you have done here
did you make the bacground first and draw over it
or made it all differently .?
kristiabot's avatar
I agree about the fence. So hot.
GnKit's avatar
WOw thats amazing , I love how you made it seem like it was taken from an angle far away.. excellent

very nice colors too... calm
pocketpins's avatar
Wow, again! This piece presents an angle traditionally reserved for photographers. I like how you've shown that you can render other "exclusive" formats in your vector work. Really impressive job. This looks flawless. I'm amazed that anyone could make such detail without messing anything up at all! Really nice call of the gradients, too. Most impressive.

urbannomad's avatar
nice one turn2002 i wish u had wokred on the face though, but its still great!
tammy1986's avatar
very nice :) great vector
robcwilliams's avatar
awesome job. love the color scheme
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