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We're a art group all about Anime guys getting "Turned Into A Girl" We only allow hand drawn artwork or written story's. No Photography, no real life pictures, all Anime.
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Impromptu Examination by TG-Cradle
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Mature Content

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Kisekae and ComiPo
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Girl's Night Out 3 by Escafa
The Piplup's Queen Coronation (Pokemon Dawn TG) by Dawnfan44
TG Caption This
TG Caption This: The Perfect Fit... For A Girl?! by Meliran
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1. All characters must be a humanesque male turning into a humanesque female. Furries are acceptable so long as they are more human than not.
2. We are an anime TG group. Photos, realism, and other non-anime art forms will not be accepted.
3. Any content hidden behind a paywall or otherwise advertising will be rejected. This does not apply to the admin of the group on holidays.
4. The following are not allowed: Bodysuit TGs, Slime/Liquid TGs, body expansion/fat person TGs, oversized boob expansions (This includes max setting on kisekae!), and any transformation into Western-based cartoon characters (ie Family Guy or Power Rangers). My Little Pony and "Ashley" are also not allowed.
5. Do not cause drama in the group. This includes asking why your submission did not get in, pointing out grammar/spelling errors, and or fussing about art theft. If it is likely to cause an argument, it is drama.
6. Do not resubmit rejected submissions.
7. If your post breaks DA's rules, it will be rejected.




Hai everyone Mikoto here, your Founder at "Turn Into A Girl" (TIAG) and welcome to a our groups ever popular feature "TG Caption This:" , where we give out a theme and show off a drawing then ask you to write or draw something inspired by it which encompasses (EnCaptions) the theme. (TG Caption This Returns! Please take the time to draw, write, or make up a Caption for the first new Theme in some years!)
Special thanks and mention goes to my good friend @enderzone20024 who's ideas helped to inspire todays theme!
Write a Story, Draw a Picture, or perhaps make a Caption out of the theme The New You!"Have you heard about the new clothing store at Fuji Dayton Super Mall? Oh yeah, the one where you pay for a girl to size you up! What was it called again? Oh yeah "The New You!" I hear they'll cut your hair, change your look and style, and dress you up in a private booth! Oh Yeah?! Let's go! ......But of course, in a twist of fate, our protagonist gets his gender-swapped. But how did it come to this? However, does it take place and go down?! That's up to you dear writers and artist! After all, as always there are many possibilities!
Base your artworks inspiration on the picture below!
Sample 6cb184aabead50eb04912ebe4e6c88eea062e74e
Please do not ask where the source image comes from! Please do not speak about where inspiration may have stemmed from. Do not talk about what franchise, anime, manga or video game the inspiration image comes from as it destroys the idea of creating an illusion of the artist own world; for some. If you can't help but wonder or wish to speak about such subjects please note the founder in private. Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy this fun event and Turn Into A Girl.
Process Of Transformation And Submitting:
The more detailed you are about stuff in the drawing the better. The more detailed the process of transformation from guy to girl, what the test subject felt like before, during, and after the better and do not forget to explain how it took place, why it took place and by whom for what reason or motive. (Please) Only use the above Theme and Image to create your works. Submit your drawings, captions or short stories here in the blog or to the group and title them "The New You" (Discord: Post Them Under Special Event: TG Caption This) Or just say the story was inspired by the group "Turn Into A Girl" and it's group blog feature "TG Caption This" in your artist comment area." Also to make it easier on the founder please add her icon tag
Icon Mikoto Tag By Mikotowolfskin Ddxt5zw-350t
in your artist comment area so there is no way she will miss it!
Note: There is no time limits or due dates for the features for TG Caption This. This is not a contest. Its an event done for fun only. You can do them anytime old or new! But if you'd like to get featured in the next journal we tend to do a new one every two to four weeks.
Please post all submissions on DeviantArt and (Or) the Discord Service for Turn Into A Girl! (If) Your not already a member of our Discord Server ask for an Invite by sending the Founder a Private Note asking to join TIAG Discord.
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