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Hey everyone, I've moved accounts to match my new tumblr name. My previous tumblr, littlenubnubs (cherni-chan) is no longer accessible due to tumblr's security system and not having access to the email affiliated with it anymore.

So yeah come visit me here:

What am I up to these days? Doing art for a niche community and taking commissions from them as they come. I've been doing a lot of NSFW art and also branching out to ecchi and hentai, ooo~
Thank you for the birthday wishes, yesterday. I didn't have the best birthday but that's more because my attitude made it suck. I didn't do anything special either, my family was supposed to take me out to eat but I wasn't feeling well. We're going out tonight though. :D
Another year goes by where I don't get to splash my art on a giant cake. T_T

I haven't drawn much the past few months, I tend to go through these long phases of not drawing then short phases of I want to draw everything. Right now I have some new artwork ideas but I haven't drawn them out yet, okay, one I did. You can have a preview.

Some updates of what's to come:
I'm currently working with Dawn of Dragoart to submit tutorials. These are what I'll be working on for now:
-how to draw chibi Governor from Walking Dead
-how to draw chibi Merle from Walking Dead
-how to draw chibi Carl From Walking Dead
-how to draw anime angel wings
-how to draw a gothic lolita girl (chibi if you want, which you prefer)

Speaking of commissions, since I'm no longer in school, I'd love to open commissions again. I will make a post about that in the near future with info and pricing.
Please note that I will only accept paypal payments, I have no need for DA points; at the moment I'm saving up to visit my boyfriend in Hungary and that's a lot of money. If you'd like to commission me, you can message me and we discuss it or you can wait for the official journal post to be posted.

From May 31rst to June 2nd, I will be in Georgia for Frill, a lolita convention. I'm looking forward to this because I'll be spending the weekend with my friends and I've even been asked to model my friend's Twinkle Bat series, if you haven't seen her dresses yet (I'm sure everyone by now has though), you can do so here.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

Hi everyone, I'm trying to help support a lolita friend of mine. My friend Rosie decided to start her own lolita dress and accessory line called A Clockwork Rose. Back in October she debuted her first dress design and put it for sale and it was a success. She decided to re-release the dress and has a skirt version of it now.

I got to try on one of the chiffon dresses over the weekend when I was at her house. It's beautiful and definitely worth the purchase if you have the money.
If you're interested please visit this page. It has info regarding sizes, payment plans, order form, and all that other good stuff.

She's also having a contest on her Facebook page for those of you who like free stuff. :3
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All the accounts associated with the original have been deactivated now. All the mules were all deactivated early yesterday afternoon and the main account deactivated around 6:30-7 pm this evening. At first I thought maybe she deactivated the accounts, but she was active 2 hours before the main one disappeared. It turns out that love-the-nekos had emailed dA, since our reports were taking too long to be dealt with, and it was dealt with today.

There was one last journal entry though:
~ipod123410 2 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
thats all yall bitches say oh bitch you stole my art oh bitch you stole my art its just fucking art like who the fuck cares about art damm ill still every things how that damm bitches

As for the facebook issue, since she did post my picture last week, it was quickly deleted and her account was temporarily deactivated for it.

I'm glad this is over, well for now at least; I'd like to think it's the end but since her accounts were deactivated by staff and not her I wouldn't be surprised if she strikes again. Thank you everyone for your support and help for Nekos and I.

Spoke too soon:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A report to Facebook will do.
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I'm dealing with an art thief on DA that's doing far more than just stealing art. I previously had problems with her on Dragoart over the summer; she got mad that I reported her submissions for art theft and when they were deleted she raged at me (and even accused me of hacking her).

She goes by ipod123410, at least that's her main account. She has mules though, she created them to back herself up on harassing me, which you'll see below. Her mules include nuknuklove123cutiegirl123410 , and gayness-above.

All accounts except for Nuknuk have stolen art on there.

On the main account:


Sorry for the fast animation, I'm too lazy to fix it.

Stolen submission


Stolen submission

Originals both by Love-The-Nekos from a tutorial on Dragoart.

Stolen entry

Original by Moorina

She also made a lovely journal entry about me a few days ago:

The only reason I found out about this was because she hopped on a mule and left comments on my page:

On one of her side accounts, gayness-above, it's full of watermarked originals by Nekos and a drawing that I posted in my journal:

And if that wasn't enough, a few days ago she posted a picture of me on her DA that she drew a dick on. It was reported and deleted but that didn't stop her. I checked her facebook (she had added my Touhou RP and game account over the summer; even if she hadn't added me her facebook account can be easily found since her email is posted on Dragoart) after she sent me a message.

Well, this is what I found:

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of activity lately, I've had a long art block again. Anyways, I thought I'd make a journal stating I now have an instagram. I post personal pictures and art, there's even some stuff in there that I've never posted on here either because their sketches or work in progresses.
If you're interested in following me, my instagram name is Kisnyuszi.

As of last night I was finally inspired to draw again so I did this sketch. I'll start outlining and coloring it lately. I'm really proud of it so far. :)
Hey guys! Anipan's open to the public now and I just signed up.
My Anipan
Follow me please? :)
I barely draw anymore but as of yesterday I've found some motivation to draw a bit, doodle at most. I see adoptables are getting pretty popular and a great way to make money. So I'm thinking maybe I'll give it a try.
  • I'm just wondering who would be interested if I created some.

  • And how does one determine a reasonable price for an adoptable? I see lots of people charging $10 but I think that's a bit much, then again they're probably got supply and demand going on there.

  • Points or USD?

  • Would you be interested in the characters being drawn in a more simple style such as this (but obviously bigger for more details)?

  • Are themed adoptable sets preferred?

Also, yes, I suppose I'm back on here and staying. After all the art theft with my Taylor chibis and having to constantly be on this account to point out people to remove my art or give a credit, I figured I'd just stay. And on top of that, I can't remember Kisnyuszik's password and I can't be assed right now. xD
Below is my most "recent" drawing, which is something I actually started in May. ;_;

I just bought an adoptable from :iconprinceshiroko:.<3
Hi everyone, I'm not sure how many people read this but that's okay. ^_^;
I've been away from DA for quite sometime, well to be more honest about only came on to check comments every month or so and maybe post some art here and there. I've never been around much to really get to know my watchers and make friends (would be nice). But carrying on... I've decided to clean out my gallery, slowly moving out art I don't like and older stuff to scraps. I've added up new folders and hopefully I can make some nice little drawings for each folder to snazz it up, make my gallery look nicer. On top of this, I'm going to try and start posting more art and actually remembering to do requests and commissions I have here; I'd really like to do cheap, irl commissions eventually.
Oh yes and it's Kiriban time soon, not quite yet, but soon! 25k pages will be the Kiriban. Be the first to get it on exactly 25k (25,000), screencap it, and send me a picture of it and you win.
Prize for the kiriban is:
-A full-size chibi of your choice (OC, Avatar from a site or game, Fanart, etc.).
*Full colored.
*Your choice of thick or thin outline.
-And a feature in my journal.

So good luck to those of you willing to catch it. :)

Hmm, and one last thing, for those of you cool with making friends and stuff, don't be afraid of send me notes or comments, I don't bite. :)
To my newer followers, a big hello and hug from me.

Hope everyone's doing well, Christmas is right around the corner so get your Christmas shopping done and have a wonderful Christmas.
Links and stuff:
Gaia Art Shop
Art Tumblr
Doodle Cookbook
Hello. =3

Just another journal entry, I'm not very good at writing these, I babble on and on.

Anyways, here's what's new.
Lady Gaga dress-up game is now finished, with many errors, but none-the-less it is done:
Thumb (Do thumbs even work in journals that aren't premium? XD)- Lady Gaga Dress-up by Turkey-Wang
Link - Lady Gaga Dress-up

With that being said, the contest voting has begun and I'm all excited and nervous.
Good luck to the other entries out there.<33
My flash trial has about 12 or 13 days left so I really need to focus on getting my gaia dress-up commissions finished in those days, if not maybe I'll just download another trial of a new version of flash. >D
Hopefully I can start taking requests and art trades soon, maybe even commissions?

For those asking if I do Gaia commissions and how much I charge, all the info's in my artshop on there:
Le Mignonne Boutique.

I also have a youtube, I upload videos of me doing art some come and check it out:….

I guess that's basically it for now. o3o

Oh! I almost forgot!!
Please check out these people's DA pages.
They're people I know in real life and I just wanted to help get them out there.

My cousin Bud:

My bestest best friend ever, Sarah:

Thanks for reading guys.<33
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Wow, 1,000 page views already! O_O
I've only had this DA for about 2 months or so.
Thanks guys.<3

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1,000 Pageviews "
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