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Captain America

This is my take on a vintage style version of the new Captain America movie. I thought it would be a little more interesting than the bland posters we get these days.

Available to buy at [link]
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Great poster, I love a copy for my wall.

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This is FABULOUS! How long did this take and do you offer to do commissioned work?

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Great job on the poster...good throwback to the serials of the 40's...
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Old school movie poster - I love it!

now that's cool!
When Captain America throws his mighty shieeeeeeld . . . .
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Wonderful poster! Only problem... There's no Bucky! :(
Great job.  Much better than the ones now a days.  What would you charge for a quality copy of the poster?
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Good movie poster.
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Awesome! Cap's my favortie! :) I love how you did the 1940s vintage style 
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Ah, splendid.  The best superhero now has the best poster -- as it should be.
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NICE! I love how you've got the 'creased paper' going on as well ,adding to the vintage feel. Great design!
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You know???? Marvel should've hired you. It would've sold more tickets
NICE WORK.!!! Its really refreshing to see something other than the so called and monotonous 'badass' posters.
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As much as I love this movie, I wish this was the picture on the DVD cover.
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you nailed the look and feel of all the classic movie posters.  simply awesome :D
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Wow! It's my favourite style. Love it!
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Very good job. I like more than all french poster I see in my country.
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They should have used this style instead. Great job bro!!
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Nice. Like the vintage feel to it.
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that's really cool. it's like an old vintage movie poster.
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Very vintage--awesome work! :D
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great colors and is in the style of the 40's. That I like it :)
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I want this and badly....
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