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Published: October 15, 2017
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Finally finished this sucker! Prepare for a wall of text.

Model Number: SHI-A5G100
Code Name: Lumiere
Unit Type: 5th generation modular mass production general purpose Armastella
Manufacturer: Soleil Heavy Industries
Operator: Interstellar Authority
Accommodations: Single-seat neuro-interface cockpit in upper torso
Dimensions: Head height 20.65 meters; overall height 22.33 meters
Weight: Empty weight 38.9 metric tons; max gross weight 67.4 metric tons
Powerplant: Ultra-compact creation engine, located in compartment on back, output rated at 1.7 GW, or Ultra-compact high-capacity creation energy condenser, output rated at 8,995 MW
Propulsion: 13 x high-output reaction thrusters, 2 x multi-directional reaction thrusters
Equipment and design features: Soleil modular inner frame; high-density sensor and camera array in head; optional FTL jump pods
Fixed armaments: 2 x triple-barrel anti-air "Fleche" CIWS
Optional armaments: SHI-PARL203-CV "Lancier" modular high-velocity semi-automatic particle assault rifle and lance; SHI-PCL111-BM back-mounted particle cannon; SHI-PBL504-KU "Coupeur" anti-field particle knife; SHI-PARL250-CV "Penetrer" high-velocity anti-field particle sniper rifle

Technical and Historical Notes:

Developed by Soleil Heavy Industries, the Lumiere is the first and last fifth generation Armastella produced for use by the military. Built under contract with the Interstellar Authority, the Lumiere is a general purpose Armastella built with modularity in mind. It is the first Armastella to separate the inner structure from the outer structure, allowing it to adopt different equipment and parts on the inner structure to fill multiple combat roles. Components that were considered a core standard on an Armastella, such as the Creation Engine and FTL jumping capabilities, were ultimately converted into optional parts on the Lumiere in order to drastically reduce the unit's production costs and make it more functional as a modular unit. The unit was rapidly adopted as the Interstellar Authority's front line unit, phasing out earlier fourth generation Armastella in the blink of an eye. The Lumiere would be a staple of the Interstellar Authority's military might across several hundred conflicts, until it was ultimately phased out by a universal ban on Armastella following the Vis Conflict.

Because of how faster-than-light jumping capability works, it is illegal to perform jumps within a planet's atmosphere. Jumping into the atmosphere from a point in space can drag any number of debris in the surrounding area and discharge it at sub-light velocities onto a planet's surface. Jumping from within a planet's atmosphere would ultimately result in catastrophic shockwaves in the surrounding area, due to the implosion of air. Such was used to devastating effect by the Interstellar Authority on Vis; they effectively bombarded a planet's surface by having multiple Armastella warp while stationed in an asteroid belt near the planet, killing millions after warping into the low atmosphere. This event established the Treaty of Vis; Governments from across the Milky Way agreed to an immediate ban on small craft from being equipped with creation engines or faster-than-light warp capabilities, which included Armastella like the Lumiere. Only large ships could use them, leading to a drastic reduction in warp travel.

While ultimately phased out and scrapped due to the Treaty of Vis, hundreds of Armastella across space, including several dozen Lumiere units, would disappear from the hands of many nations and production companies. While it is ultimately unknown what happened to these units, many rumors have spread around that craft such as Armastella have been seen in the reaches of Dark Space, regions of the Milk Way that have yet to be explored by any single governmental body; lawless worlds that could care less about treaties between nations, containing expansive territories full of life's darker pleasures.

Here's some definitions of some terms used in the description:

Creation Engine: The creation engine is a revolutionary invention created during the mid-23rd century. Multiple sub-space fields contained within the reactor core violently ebb and flow against each other, generating electricity through this "wave motion" in the form of creation energy. This energy has revolutionized space travel, leading to the development of high-output electromagnetic thrusters that rely solely on the reactor rather than solid, liquid or gas fuels, as well as improving existing technology such as energy fields for the deflection of space debris, solar radiation and cosmic rays. It also opened the gateway for faster than light travel through the manipulation of sub-space fields, creating the modern "warp jump" that bends space through the use of sub-space fields to travel from one point to the next in space nearly instantly. It's extremely soft core sci-fi, I know. :(

Armastella: This is the classification for the type of vehicle the Lumiere is. It means "Star Weapon" and was primarily developed for use in space, though it can function on the ground and in an atmosphere. It is descended from a smaller but similar piece of machinery known as a Schell, formerly Combat Shell, which is actually what things like the M307 Cuirass are. It is several magnitudes larger than a Schell and uses some considerably different technology, but ultimately functions in the same manner. While the Schell was developed in the late 21st century (and eventually took on a more labor-intensive role on top of military operations, thus re-branding itself from Combat Shell to Schell), the Armastella would see development in the early 24th century. Schell are still used during that period, but have ultimately been phased out as military weapons by the Armastella.

Interstellar Authority: One of the largest singular governments in the Milky Way Galaxy, with its capital planet being Earth. They were established around the time faster-than-light travel became available in the 23rd century. Several dozen regions of space are under their control, but following rapid development of space by humanity, while they are the largest government by size and volume, they ultimately make up only 40% of humanity's population in space, with the remaining 60% spread across several dozen smaller governmental bodies. It is because of this the Treaty of Vis could become a thing; the Interstellar Authority was ultimately overpowered unanimously by the other nations across the Milky Way.

Dark Space: The Milky Way equivalent of "seedy back alley establishments." These are regions of space that were ultimately unexplored due to potential hazards, or just because no one's really spent the time and effort to map them out. They have become the breeding grounds for illegal activity such as black market dealings including drugs, slavery and pretty much anything considered illegal or too extreme in "main space." There's plenty of freedom but also an equivalent amount of danger. There are no police to protect you; only mercenaries for the right amount of money and even then, that's still risky. It's here that Armastella have made their home following the Treaty of Vis. Though occasionally used to stir up conflict, they are ultimately used in high-stakes races known as the Arma Gauntlet. On that note...

Arma Gauntlet: A high-stakes race, utilizing Armastella equipped with creation engines and FTL jump capabilities, that sees teams of Armastella race through extremely hazardous regions of dark space while engaging in combat. It has become the bread and butter for many former Armastella pilots, as well as those looking to make it big, due to the profound amount of gambling surrounding the Arma Gauntlet. Teams get sponsored by various companies or groups, who aim to profit off of their victories and loses, or even their deaths.
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reclaimer0117Hobbyist Filmographer
Is there a website to download this model fully rigged?
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TurinuZHobbyist Digital Artist
Nope. As this is made in Sketchup, it doesn't have a rig at all. I'm sure given enough time it could be imported into Blender and rigged, though not sure how well a Sketchup model will translate that way.
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reclaimer0117Hobbyist Filmographer
Alright thx. Because I've seen TDD-AS-U001 Airgetlam Rigged and working in VRChat.
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TurinuZHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, really? They must've ripped the model from Sketchfab and rigged it up somehow. Kind of sad they did so without asking for permission, as I don't remember anyone approaching me about it, but it'd be interesting to see it in motion.
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reclaimer0117Hobbyist Filmographer
Yeah they turn it into a police mech.
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Reminds me of the ARX7 
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Looking good! While your mecha falls (arguably) in a category of "super robots" which I am not very fond of, the design itself is beautiful, unique, and looks plausible enough.
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TurinuZHobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed. It looks and functions like a real robot, but is ultimately powered like a super robot. :(
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