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Published: October 15, 2017
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Model Number: SCA-UNIT01
Code Name: Rapide
Unit Type: 5th generation custom modular Armastella
Manufacturer: Soleil Heavy Industries, Sophie Schneider
Operator: Team Obscurite
Accommodations: Single-seat neuro-interface cockpit in upper torso
Dimensions: Overall height 21.52 meters
Weight: Empty weight 45.5 metric tons; max gross weight 67.4 metric tons
Powerplant: Ultra-compact creation engine, located in compartment on back, output rated at 1.7 GW
Propulsion: 23 x high-output reaction thrusters
Equipment and design features: Soleil modular inner frame; high-density sensor and camera array in head; 3 x enhanced sensor array on head and skirt armor; weapon pods; FTL jump capability
Fixed armaments: 2 x triple-barrel anti-air "Fleche" CIWS
Optional armaments: SCA-UNIT01-LANCE "Dominer" modular high-velocity semi-automatic particle assault rifle and lance; SHI-PARL203-CV "Lancier" modular high-velocity semi-automatic particle assault rifle and lance; SHI-PBL504-KU "Coupeur" anti-field particle knife; SHI-PARL250-CV "Penetrer" high-velocity anti-field particle sniper rifle

Technical and Historical Notes:

Built by former Soleil Heavy Industries mechanical engineer Sophie Schneider, the Rapide is a heavily modified Lumiere built specifically for use in the Arma Gauntlet. Funded by an illegal salvaging company known as the Obscurite Salvaging Group, the terms they set forth for the unit's production was "retain as much of the original as possible but if you can, modify as much as possible," resulting in the Rapide. Retaining as much of the original unit as it can to reduce production and maintenance cost, the Rapide nonetheless drastically improves on the Lumiere's function and design. It almost doubles the amount of reaction thrusters across the body, making it highly maneuverable; an ideal trait for participation in the Arma Gauntlet. Additional and redundant sensors have been placed in various points across the body to improve its already in-depth sensor capabilities. Even the skirt binders developed for the Rapide were re-purposed as shoulder binders to further enhance the unit's active mass and balance control in conjunction with the reaction thrusters for some high-precision maneuvering.

One of the more unique developments for the unit is a high-output "thruster pod" on its back. Considered the Rapide's primary thruster unit, it can angle up or down to direct all of that thrust up or down as necessary. For emergency maneuvers, it has been designed to detach from one of the two "arms" holding it in place on the back so it can direct itself into any given direction. While not effective on a planet's surface, this multi-directional capability of the primary thruster is ideal for emergency situations in space, allowing it to act as brake or accelerator to avoid hazardous objects and situations.

Two units would see production and use under the establishment of the new Arma Gauntlet competitors, Team Obscurite. Painted in a dark steel blue color with bright orange markings, it stands out as one of the more distinctive and powerful modifications of the Lumiere participating in the Arma Gauntlet.
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Grayter1Hobbyist General Artist
What software are you using to create your models?..
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TurinuZHobbyist Digital Artist
I use Sketchup. I'd have moved on to things like Blender long ago if I were able to make heads or tails of how it works. As it stands my brain doesn't have enough computing power to understand that system and move my work over to it. I wish it could, cause' Blender would open a whole bunch of new options for me... it's just so cluttered and I can't even comprehend making simple shapes in it, let alone a giant robot. :V
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Grayter1Hobbyist General Artist
THIS is Sketchup?!..My friend..you really are selling yourself short..this is one of the best Sketchup models I've seen..

I only started using Blender..it's my native software..I later just started messing with 3Ds Max..and it feels like a step backwards compared to Blender.
All it really comes down to is finding out hotkeys for each software..only thing that changes is workflow..

PLEASE..try it out..you'll really take yourself to the next level with it..I got the hang of it really quickly thanks to youtube being flooded with Blender Tutorials and practice of course..

Something like you have here you could put on CGtrader.com or Turbo Squid and rightfully price it at $50-100 dollars..just off the details you put in alone.

The only thing that would be a task aside from that would be making sure you have a pretty clean mesh..and everything in the file is named and labeled appropriately for your customers.

I'm surprised to not see your content for sale..it's so good..
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It looks a bit busy, but the geometry is pretty awesome. You've come a long way, shori.
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TurinuZHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe the reflective paint? I didn't go for a matte look with this one. Here's a non-render for reference.
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ParticalMassHobbyist Photographer
....want one.
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