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Hi all! My name is Dan. I cosplay as a hobby. I don't consider myself an artist of any kind. I've been cosplaying for 8 years now. But I only started really getting into it about 3 years go. I prefer easy costumes that consist of clothes I can probably pick out of my closet but I have been stepping outside the box as of late. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm not a fan of wigs and that a majority of my cosplay hair is my actual hair! I finally got around to making a facebook page for my cosplay as well. It has some of my pictures on it and it pretty much tells you that most of my stuff is on here haha.
Also just made a tumblr as well.
Links can be found below.


Hey gang. Last time I wrote was about the start of my cosplay season. Now we are at the end. Not to say I won't be cosplaying for the rest of the year. There are still plenty of small local cosplay things happening the rest of the year I will be partaking in. It's more like the end of my Convention attending season. Anime Boston was this past April. Sad to say I did not have a good time. I won't bore you with the details. But I did attend AnimeNext in NJ again! And I will say it was the most fun I've ever had at a Con that I can remember. When you're with the right people, you will have an amazing time, even if you don't go to a single panel or participate in any events. I'm definitely glad I made that trip, especially since they will be moving the Con to a further location next year. Unfortunately, CTCon and Otakon will once again elude me this year. As much as it pains me, I will not be attending Boston Comic Con this year. After careful consideration, the budget just doesn't call for them. I have not considered attending AAC either. So it doesn't look like I'll be thinking about Cons till Katsucon next year.

I put up more shots of Nishinoya I took at AnimeNext. I remember Friday. I found the net and played for 4 hours that day. Eventually my friends left to do other things put I told them to find me at the pool later because I wanted to keep playing haha.

After a popular demand, I also made a tumblr. Or at least I remember I had tumblr and revived it. You can check it out at

Thanks guys.
Short story I wrote last year while watching Highschool of the Dead. No real writing scheme. Hope you enjoy it.


    Naozumi Hamano

    Tadayoshi Yamada

    Emi Iino

    Kenta Saruwatari

    Michiyo Yamaguchi

    Masaki Yumi

    Yumi Komatsu



    "Why do you have to go?! Why does it always have to be you?" Emi cried.

    You would think this kind of stuff happened only in movies and television shows. Everyone used to talk about how they knew exactly what to do if this were to happen. Either that or they shrugged it off like a silly notion that only someone who watched too many horror movies would think about. But when it actually did, it was a whole different story. People don't exactly think the same way or keep their composure when they see people masticating other people. And not just any people. People you once knew. Friends. Family. Loved ones. Once they turned, they're no longer the person they once were. They became mindless zombies. They became monsters.

    It has been eight months since the outbreak. The group has barricaded themselves at a bus stop outside the city. It's been a long journey for them so far, and not without hardships to say the least. They have lost three people from what started as a group of 10. But they've been able to safely shelter themselves in a spot for an entire month without being compromised. With a strong fence surrounding the main building and a rooftop high enough to see a good amount of the surrounding landscape, they have been able to ward off the walking corpses without many problems. They were even lucky enough to find supplies, such as guns and ammunition, in a police station. Each member carries a hand gun. Some take turns on the roof with a sniper during lookout duty. Though they are in a secure building, a bus stop just doesn't supply much in means of survival. Every three days or so, they make a run into the city to scavenge food and supplies. They go in groups of three, sometimes four, to avoid attracting too much attention. Since moving into the bus stop and establishing this system, they have managed to survive without any loses. With a sense of security and a working system, today is just another routine supply hunt.

    "What are you talking about Emi? You know we always rotate turns. It just so happens to be my turn." Tadayoshi reasons.

    "Why can't Kenta go instead?" Emi pleaded.

    "You know that wouldn't be fair. I understand you're worried but you can't keep acting like this whenever it's my turn to go out." Tadayoshi replied as he tries to hug Emi, only to be given a forceful cold shoulder.

    "Hey, don't be so selfish. We all have to do our part if we're going to get through this. How many times do we…," before Tadayoshi could finish his argument,

    "DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE I'M SOME CHILD! I just lost my brother and you're calling me selfish?!" Emi said in anger.

    "I'll make it back. I always do, right?" Tadayoshi said trying to be reassuring.

    "That's what Kaito said before those freaks took him! Is that what you want to become too? You're going to leave me like he did!?" she continued.

    "Stop! You know Kaito did what he had to do. What do you think he would say every time he saw you like this?" Takayoshi snapped, beginning to get annoyed.

    Emi didn't reply. She only kept his back to him.


    "Hey! You two love birds done yet? We better leave now if we're going to make it back before the sun goes down."  Masaki shouted from the gate.

    "-sigh- Listen. I'm going to go." Tadayoshi said with a soft voice, feeling bad for raising his voice earlier as he zipped up his bright red jacket.

    "Why do you have to wear that stupid jacket? Those zombies are going to spot you from a mile away." she mocked him out of anger and lack of further argument.

    Even though with his spikey red hair and his red jacket made him look like a wlaking tomato, he had no snide remark. Tadayoshi walked up behind her and hugged her.

    "I'll be fine. I'll come back to you. No matter what."

    She stood silently.

    Tadayoshi turned her around to look at her face, but she only looked away.

    "I promise….. I love you." He said as he went to kiss her, only to be pushed away. She ran inside.

    "You want me to go instead? I don't mind." Kenta offered.

    "Nah. She'll be fine. Plus I'm sure you've been itching for look-out duty. Just don't waste those sniper bullets." Tadayoshi said jokingly.

    -Car horn beeps- "Hey move it!" Naozumi shouted from the driver side window.

    "Alright get going man. See you when you get back." Kenta said as he pushed Tadayoshi towards forward.


Masaki and Tadayoshi finally get into the car and drive towards the city. Yumi locked the gate behind them.

"About time. What took you so long?" Naozumi asked.

" You know how Emi gets." Tadayoshi replied.

"This is like the hundredth time we've done this. You think she'd be used to it by now. Plus I don't see you crying a river whenever she goes without you." Masaki added.

"I know. And she's always gets mad that I don't. Sometimes I think she wants to go without me to make me worry on purpose." Tadayoshi said looking out the window.

"Women." All three of them said in unison.

"Alright so where to today?" Naozumi asked while driving.

"We definetly need food more than anything right now. We should check the mall at the far end of the city. It's a straight shoot from here. Heck maybe if we're lucky, we'll find another wild boar. That'll feed us for days." Masaki suggested, looking at a map.

"Sounds like a plan." Tadayoshi agreed.

"Great. Now for some tunes." Masaki said as he plugged in his iPod.

"The fact that you still have that amazes me. You're so lucky we have this car. Otherwise you would have no way of charging that thing." Naozumi said slightly impressed.

"This thing is my bay-beh. I don't know how I could ever go on without my music. You think we can get a cinnamon bun while we are here?" Masaki said as he rubbed his face with his beloved mp3 player.


After a lengthy drive, they finally make it to the mall. Each of them carried a backpack to fill up with food and supplies. It was a three floor mall. They scavenged each store for anything usefull, especially food. There were a few stray zombies lurking about but posed little threat. It was a surprisingly easy supply run. Perhaps too easy. Unfortunately they weren't so lucky. As they headed back down to the ground floor, they noticed a pack of zombies roaming in from the entrance. And behind them, more came in through the parking garage exit. They made a break for the front entrance but the amount of zombies blocking the way was overwhelming. The only way left was up. So without any other choice, they had to run back up the stairs. The monsters quickly pursued, hot on their tail. The spotted an employee's only exit and ran for it, only to be led into a dark hallway. They locked the door behind them but the zombies were already banging and scratching at the doors. The hallway was pitch dark and all they had was a single flashlight. As they quickly but cautiously went down the hallway, led by Naozumi and Masaki at the rear, they searched for a way out, hopefully a way back to the car. Suddenly a gargling growl was heard followed by a scream from Masaki. He fired three shots. Naozumi quickly turned around and flashed the light back towards Masaki, only to see him fighting for his life. Just as quickly Tadayoshi put one in the monster's head….But it was too late. Masaki was bit on the neck and was bleeding badly.

"….Is…it bad?" Masaki said while gasping heavily and tears in his eyes.

"Oh…no…No…we've got to get you out of here." Tadayoshi said while his heart raced. Naozumi was speechless with shock. The zombies at the end of the hall were still clawing at the door, at the verge of breaking though.

"Nahh you know I'm not going anywhere." Masaki said choking with a smirk on his face, laying there motionless.

"Tadayoshi…we have to go!" Naozumi said in a quivering voice.

The doors at the end of the hall were starting to give way.

"You better go." Masaki said with a blank look in his eyes, still flowing with tears.

"We can't just leave you here!" Tadayoshi said as he started crying.

"Sure you can. Hey do me a favor. Can you get my iPod for me? Its in my pocket." Masaki requested as his voice got weaker.

Tadayoshi reached into Masaki's pocket and pulled out his iPod. He gently put his ear buds in for him and turned it on. As he did that, the doors at the end of the hall broke loose and the zombies started to pile through. Naozumi pulled Tadayoshi with him.

"Come on! We have to go now! I'm sorry Masaki…" Naozumi explaimed as he grinded his teeth." They reluctantly leave Masaki's side.

"…No..I'm sorry…this is where…I …call it quits.." Masaki said in his last breathe, staring blankly.

As Tadayoshi and Naozumi run down the cooridoors, they spot a garbage elevator. Naozumi examines it and it appears to lead outside to the dumpsters. As soon as they both arrive at it, the zombies turn the corner behind them. Naozumi gets in. Tadayoshi tries to get but there isn't enough room for both of them. They argue about what they're going to do next. But before they can figure it out, the zombies turn the corner behind them and make their way towards the two.

"Dammit, we're going to have to find another way." Naozumi said as he tries to get out of the elevator lift.

"Alright here's the plan, you take the elevator down and make your way towards the car. I'll find my own way out." Tadayoshi said with haste.

"What! No we.." before Naozumi could say another word, Tadayoshi kicked him back into the lift and threw his backpack in as well. "Don't wait up. I'll see you back at camp." Tadayoshi said with a smile as he closed the lift door and sent it down.

"NOOO!! TADAYASHI!!" Naozumi screamed as he was sent down the lift.

He ended up at the side of the mall. Panting, he grabbed the bags and ran for the car. He waited for Tadayoshi as long has he could, killing any approaching zombie, but the noise from his gun was attracting the zombies back out of the mall and the area was starting to become overwhelmed by the walking dead. He got into the car and sped off. He looked in the rear view, crying in anger, in hopes that Tadayoshi made it out and he could make a U-turn and get him and kick his ass for what he pulled.


The sun had gone down by the time Naozumi arrived back at camp. Michiyo spotted the car in the distance and signaled Yumi to open the gates.

Everyone rushed down to great their friends. Instead, they found Naozumi pulling into the bus stop alone with his hands firmly clenching the wheel and painful tears in his eyes. Emi came out yelling, unaware of what has occurred.

"Where is he?! Wait till I get my hands on you! Do you have any idea how late it is?! You guys were supposed to come back before sun down! Weren't those the rules you guys made?!" She yelled as she stomped towards the car.

"Emi wait.." Kenta said softly with his head down as he tried to stop her.

"Get out of my way Kenta! I'm going to kick his ass!" Emi continues as he pushed Kenta aside.

"What the hell is everyone staring at?! Where is he! Get out of the car!" She finally got to the car only to find Naozumi by himself. Still looking forwards and clenching the wheel.

Without making eye contact, he whispered, "…I'm sorry.."

"….Naozumi…where is he..!" She said with her voice still raised but with noticeable worry.

"….I'm sorry…" he whispered again, still staring forward with tears flowing from his eyes again.

" Naozumi!! WHERE IS HE!!" She shouted at him.

"….I left him behind…I'm sorry" he said again softly.

Her eyes grew wide as her heart exploded with anger and sadness all in one ugly outburst.

"YOU DID WHAT! WHY!! WHERE IS HE!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE HIM BEHIND!!" She broke out crying as he brabbed him violently.

Michiyo and Yumi tried to get a hold of Emi as she continued to scream at Naozumi while Kenta stood still, looking down in disbelief.


4 days later.


Kenta and Michiyo had lookout duty on the roof. Naozumi told everyone the radicalness that had happened at the mall when he finally snapped out of his stupor and is still in a depressed guilty state. Emi has not come outside since that night as she mourned the loss of her partner with a mixture of anger, despair and guilt. After all the fights she had with him, there was finally an armistice.

"..What's that?" Michiyo asked as she looked through her binoculers.

"What's what," Kenta asked in return.

"Someone is walking this way down that way." She pointed. As she took a closer look, she noticed whoever it was…was wearing a bright red jacket. "..wait..THAT'S TADAYOSHI'S STUPID BRIGHT RED JACKET!"

"..What!!?" Kenta stood immediately as looked down the scope of  the sniper down the same direction.

Emi overheard Michiyo's shouting. Her eyes and her heart grew in anticipation. She got up and ran upstairs towards the rooftop along with everyone else.

"WHERE IS HE?! Does he have any idea what he put me through?! I'm going to shoot him myself!" Though she was overjoyed, she still shouted in anger.

"…Oh no.." Kenta said with a distasteful tone.

"What!" Emi yelled.

He walked towards  Emi, clenching his jaw and handed her the sniper rifle. "Looks like you'll get your chance.."

"What are you talking about?" She retorted.

"Take a look for yourself" he replied as he walked downstairs.

Walking towards the camp in the distance was indeed Tadayoshi.

Emi looked through the scope towards her lost love and her heart dropped

~~~~~~~~ "I'll come back to you….No matter what…I promise..I love you."~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She broke down in disbelief with tear in her eyes.

Because what she saw…was a zombie. With spikey red hair. Wearing a bright red jacket. It was indeed Tadayoshi. Or at least what was Tadayoshi. With nothing but a dead stare in his eyes, as if he were crying blood.

Naozumi grabbed the rifle, thinking no one should see their fallen friend like this.

"NO!" Emi stopped him.  "I'll do it.."she said with with a quiver in her eyes. Naozumi didn't argue. He gave her the rifle and looked forward at what was his friend in the distance. Kenta sat at the bottom of the stares with his head down. Michiyo and Yumi closed their eyes, crying, waiting for than bang, as they all were.

As she aimed down the scope, she had a quick flashback about the night Tadayoshi tought her how to fire the rifle. With tears running down her face, "I'm sorry Tadayoshi…for everything…I love you too…"

She pulled the trigger.






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