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July 11, 2019
The Lambda Centauri Nebula (More Data) by turbulentvortex
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The Lambda Centauri Nebula (More Data)

I uploaded an image of this object just last week, but since then I've managed to collect even more frames to add to the existing image. I've also redone the processing workflow, and I like this version more as I think the stars are better handled with improved overall sharpness. So once again, I present to you Lambda Centauri, or the Running Chicken Nebula. Enjoy!

Imaging details: 
Location: Singapore 
Date(s): Jan & Feb 19
Telescope: Astro-Physics 130 GTX at f/4.5
Camera: Atik 16200M, Baader & Chroma Filters 
Mount: Losmandy G11/G2 
Exposure (min): SII - 165, HII - 200, OIII - 195 (Total 9.3 hours)
Image details
Image size
2178x1602px 2.57 MB
© 2019 - 2021 turbulentvortex
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tsahel's avatar
gorgeous ! You deserved the DD !
Blue-Butterfly007's avatar
Love the colours and depth
Mea-Mina's avatar
Woah! Now that I call an absolutely great photo!
turbulentvortex's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like it! 
Leanndra51's avatar
Incredibly beautiful capture!  Congrats on the well deserved Daily Deviation! 
Leanndra51's avatar
My pleasure!  I lurk at NASA and look at the amazing photos there a lot!
turbulentvortex's avatar
That's nice! So how do you lurk? :P
Leanndra51's avatar
:rofl:  I just hang around the site and go through all the images and then some of the information that interests me. 
GeaAusten's avatar
Breathtaking !!
Tinselfire's avatar
Not certain I should mention it since in astrophotography it can be a sensitive matter whether or not to emphasize or avoid them - but you will have to trust I intend it as a compliment saying the diffraction spikes are absolutely gorgeous.
turbulentvortex's avatar
Thank you! Indeed, some people love them (to the extent of adding them in post) while others loathe them. For me, I'm rather ambivalent about them, so I leave it in the hands of the equipment :P Interestingly though, the spikes here aren't from the telescope, but rather from the camera sensor (microlenses). 
Tinselfire's avatar
Aye, kind of figured. A few too many spokes to be the telescope - Jim Henson's favourite style! Or at least, the style all of his shows used when they did show up prominently.
Wow. Spectacular photo of a breathtaking sight.
Mysegoliah's avatar
Shit, man. This is absolutely gorgeous. Those colors are amazing, and the way you captured it is just perfect
turbulentvortex's avatar
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)
akphotographystudio's avatar
Like this! ☺ Have a nice day! :D
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