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cold as ice by TurboSilver cold as ice :iconturbosilver:TurboSilver 13 0
Here We Are
    Adrian had left the house, only for a moment.  Though it was late, his wolf had been complaining, disliking the fact it had been cooped up all day.  He stretched his limbs and chewed his lips.  His ears twitched at the sound of heartbeats—a sound he wasn’t used to hearing around Joshua’s house.  “Mathew…?” the familiar voice rang in his ears, calling him a name he had not heard in years.  Turning around slowly, he felt a lump in his throat that grew heavy with each passing moment.
    His voice croaked, “mom…?” the figure nodded.  His heart stopped for a moment, and all he could do was stare.  Warmth welled up behind his eyes, but he could not tear his gaze away. 
    “Oh, baby,” he heard the figure approach and place their hand on his cheeks, “Hunters aren’t supposed to cry.”  He could hear the faint tinkle
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            “Hello Mathew,” the voice said as it settled down on a near by chair and stared at him.
            He looked up stiffly from his hospital bed and nodded a slight greeting, “Gerard.”  Despite being Grandpa and Grandson, he had always had an intense dislike for the man.  Though he had never voiced his disagreement, it had always been evident with the way Gerard had always pushed him to hunt and to ‘get over his weakness’.
            “I came here to invite you to live with me,” he said with a smile.
            Mathew shuddered and looked back with distaste, “Chris already has, he stopped by—,” Gerard waived his hand, cutting him off.
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Hate Mail is Not Okay
I've been needing to get this out of my system, so I guess I'll just say this straight out.
The high school I attended isn't one for much trouble.  It's a pretty safe environment, so things like drugs & etc either don't happen that often or are pretty under the radar.  Even so, I had a pretty shitty Senior year.  December 2012, a classmate passed away due to suicide.  I didn't know him that well, but it still hurt because every day he would walk in with a smile.  I'm bringing this up because there is a picture of him holding a sign saying "Don't Hate".
I'm not trying to make this a sob story or whatever, because frankly, suicides happen and I get that.  The point is, hate mail isn't okay.  It's far from okay.  I'm sure at some point, especially with the younger tech generation, we've been told about cyber bullying.  It's hypocritical when a person knows hate mail is bad and still does it. 
Hate mail on Tumblr is nothing new, but jus
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A Little Break
Martin stepped off the plane and let off a deep sigh. He hadn't told the pack he would be leaving. Well, he had, just not when. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. One moment he was at the Loft, the next moment, he was packed and leaving to catch his flight.
Liam. The name flickered in the back of his mind, and Martin caught sight of his smiling face.  "Sir," he spun around and found an airport staff member tapping him on the shoulder, "the other passengers would like to retrieve their bags as well."
Martin nodded hurriedly and shuffled away to retrieve his bags. He hadn't realized how long he had been standing there, lost in thought. Embarrassment crept up on his face, before he left the baggage point to hail a taxi. He would most definitely not be staying with his family. They didn't need to know he would be in town. Mariah and Olivia would understand—Isaac, not so much.
He spent he entirety of the taxi ride staring out the window, only speaking to give instructions
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Bathed in Moonlight
    He sat on the steps of his house in San Francisco.  The moon was high, glowing, and it lit up the night sky that was bare of stars to hide its glimmering glory.  Letting out a loose sigh, he watched his breath curl up into the sky and fade to nothing.  His skin prickled and he felt the moon’s beams bathed him.  “Aren’t you cold?” Mariah had asked, rubbing his arm.  He shook his head and grinned, finding her smiling in response.
    There was a soft rustle of leaves as he fell from the second story, “miss me?” the voice laughed, nudging him off the door steps and forcing him to stand.
    “Not at all,” he nudged him back, “I was just wondering what was taking you so long.”
    “Then we’ll be off,” he proclaimed, standing up tall and pointing somewhere out in the distance.
    He laughed in reply, and then clarified as he noticed his
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The Tale of Two Liams
     He closed his eyes, it had been so long since then, yet the scar in his heart still felt so real.  Still real, “like the moment I saw you fall to the ground, and your eyes flicker out into nothingness,” he whispered, under his breath. 
    Maybe it was stupid, that he was pining over something that had happened to long ago.  Some said he should move on and forget.  Martin’s lips tightened at the thought of those remarks—the memory of them.  He could never forget.  That would be the impossible feat because their bond had been impenetrable.  It was a bond born not out of love or family, but the ringing sound of a kindred spirit.  Falling back, he laid sprawled on his bed, staring up into the ceiling.  Once again, he closed his eyes and fell back into a dream.
    “Liam, Liam—,” the voice shook him awake, and he gave a slight groan.
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Life as we know it
I wonder when it began.  The thoughts, the considerations—for a while now, I have been wondering, searching for answers.  
Life is hard.  There is no doubt about it.  We can mock misfortunes and celebrate fortunes, but is that a façade?  What else is there, that we do not see?  Do we walk around wearing masks on our faces, not knowing who is who and understanding each other?  Though we claim to ‘understand’ or the desire to ‘get to know’, how much do we actually know?
For some reason, people seem to think that if they live in a good neighborhood or go to a good school that nothing bad can ever happen.  We want to believe that our lives are perfect.  Yet such an ideal is not realistic.  Face it.  These so-called ‘bad’ events are indiscriminant.  They can happen anywhere and to anyone.  No one wakes up in the morning assuming that something bad is going to happen in his or he
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Forever 16
A cold draft had drifted through
the open door at the end of the hall.
Chilling air clung to the walls until I swung
the class door open
and was greeted by warm air.
Safe and sound.
Warm and comfortable.
Yet it wasn't the bell that jarred me awake or
the mismatched clocks that remained a static
12:00.  I wished it were that simple.
"Last night a student in this class committed suicide".
Who?  Some knew, other didn't
but at the end of our confusion
we still found grief.
The room ran cold
and we couldn't think.
Another student walked in late
and our teacher asked,
"do you know what's happened?"
He stuttered a bit and then paused,
"kind of, I've sort of pieced it together".
Then she paused,
"it's Juanito".
His head dropped
and he looked at the desk
his hands clutched his head
and we closed our eyes--
and wept.
We could hear music from the class
next door—normal.  Yet we found our
voices caught, and thoughts
a thousand miles away.
We could not speak and
conversations fell si
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LoK Fire Ferrets by TurboSilver LoK Fire Ferrets :iconturbosilver:TurboSilver 7 0 FB Banner Pokemon by TurboSilver FB Banner Pokemon :iconturbosilver:TurboSilver 0 1 Zuko by TurboSilver Zuko :iconturbosilver:TurboSilver 17 0
Self-Reflection 2011
Looking back, I wonder when was the last time I smiled without reason—or rather, smiled without realization.  Perhaps it was when I stopped wanting to be hurt.  The feeling that I…. that I wanted to build a barrier between myself and the world, and not let anyone understand me.  To an extent, I admit, there are people who understand me.  But the lack of a close friend, one that I could trust and divulge my inner thoughts to; that was the person I was and have been missing.  
Three years isn't enough to build a lasting friendship, and yet, that was all I had.  Shifting schools, being split during elementary school; I look around and everyone has built bonds from when they were children.  Then I look at myself and realize I don't have someone like that.  I look at my friends, and I realize how shallow our relationship is.  The moment I leave, I am afraid that the bond I have built will dis
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+____: :  Divided by TurboSilver +____: : Divided :iconturbosilver:TurboSilver 6 2 Cristo for VA by TurboSilver Cristo for VA :iconturbosilver:TurboSilver 0 2
Side-Story 2: Memories
Side-Story 2: Memories
Disturbed by the mad thump of footsteps, Aaron glanced up from his book in time to see Tal burst through the door yelling, "Aaron, Aaron, Aaron!"
Of course, he thought to himself, "what now, Tal?"  Massaging his temples, he closed his book and set it aside.  Tal was by far, in his opinion, the most idiotic conundrum.  
"Sian and Alice are back!"  Tal shouted.
Aaron winced as his ears rung, "yes, yes I know," he said irritably, "I was there with you."  While he had been surprised upon their return and state of condition, he had not felt obliged to make a comment.  After all, it's not as if it involved him.
"You were?"
"Yes," Aaron cursed under his breath.  Apparently leaving before Tal had received food wasn't the best idea in the world, "at the cafeteria, remember?"
Tal thought for a moment, "Nope, not at all."  However, instead of being saddened by his inability to remember, he began
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United States
DOB: April 7th
Ethnicity: Chinese
Languages: English

Today seemed like a normal day.  I woke up a little late, and my dad dropped me off at the bus stop.  I napped on the bus, and walked into school.  Our circle of friends was gathered at our usual table, and like always the cold air flooded in, freezing the halls.  

Walking in to class, Mrs. K sat on the table.  Something was off, but I passed it off.  I looked at L, and we talked excitedly about how warm the room was.  Usually, it would be freezing.  Class started off like usual, the normal bell, morning announcements, the usual list of birthdays...

And then the lady next to Mrs. K spoke.  "Last night, one of your classmates committed suicide".  Our hearts sunk and we looked around the room anxiously.  We half listened to the counselor's speech about how great John was--about how positive he had always been.  

We listened and we cried.

I had first period with John, and although we never really spoke, I remember him by his smile.  He had the brightest smile, and had an air of positivity.  I find it hard to accept that I won't be seeing you walk through the door for first period on Monday.

We miss you, love you, and grieve for you.

Rest in peace.


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