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As much as I love my current fursona, he's not my first fursona. Back in 2008, I needed to come up with a Pokemorph to RP with others, so I made an anthro Pikachu, and trying to decide on what to name him, everyone in the RP just named him after my username since it had Pikachu in it, so I now had Turbo, my first fursona. However, I never drew him (aside from 2 or 3 drawings of a feral version of him, but he's supposed to be anthro), and people were confused as to what I described him to look like. Unfortunately, before I could draw really any art of him, we who were in the RP all lost touch with each other in late 2010, and I eventually retired Turbo upon becoming more of a traditional furry in early 2011, and proceeded to come up with my current fursona.

After creating Isaac, I still wanted to get around to drawing Turbo. Though, I never had the motivation to when Isaac was still a new fursona to me. It's taken me 4 years to finally get around to actually showing Turbo's design, but hey, better late than never, amirite? XD

I came up with Turbo at age 14, for anyone wondering why he looks so colorful and has those rings on his ears, and the ribbon on his tail. o3o derp

Made in Colors3D on a Nintendo 3DS. Minor touch-ups and cropping done in PaintDOTNet
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He looks like he needs dreads.
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Turbo's a geek. >w< Dreads never look good on geeks.
I think the hair Turbo has now is very geeky/nerdy. XD
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*Had dreads.* I-I don't look good. :( *Cries*

xD Hehe just playing, but I've had braids before and I think they're the same. :o