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This is Maisie the cat.  She's from the 1999 Disney direct-to-video movie and sequel to a 1987 classic, The Brave Little Toaster: To the Rescue. I had one hell of a crush on her when I was 5. I'll be 20 next April... Where did the time go?!?! ;w;

Edit: Initially, when I first submitted this, I had people guessing her name and where she was from. X3

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Great news: I hear that Maisie's voice actress, Alfre Woodard, will be voicing Sarabi in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney's "The Lion King", and listening to her voice now, I think they made the right casting choice! :)
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OMG :heart:
I can't wait to hear her in the movie ^w^
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I'm sure for you, it'll be "a day to remember"! :)
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I LOVE Masie!
She's such a nice character.
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I Watch It When I Was 7! Now I Watched It Again Today!
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same here and I still kind of do.
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I love her too! I have included her in my fanfictions where she is an anthro and is the mother of Streaky (from Krypto the Superdog).
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Did you know she is voiced by an Oscar nominee?

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Didn't know that, but I'm really not surprised because her voice is so lovely~:heart:
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How do you have a "crush" on a cartoon animal...?
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Well, I was 5.  I also had crushes on lots of other cartoon animal characters.  Perhaps it was the lovely character designs, and the choice of which voice actress would play the role of that animal. >w>

I still love Maisie's voice.  That voice, gahhhd~ Heart

I stopped having crushes on four-legged(feral) animal characters when I was 12 though, but immediately got into humanoid(anthropomorphic) animals (furries), and have been into them ever since.  By 17, I got involved with the furry fandom, made my own furry character, and been having an amazing time with the community.

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It's not Duchess from the Aristocats is it?~ :meow:
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Nope, but I will drop two hints. She is from a 1999 Disney direct-to-VHS movie, and the movie is a sequel to a 1987 classic.
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I give. Probably know it but no name. 
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