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Draw This Again Meme

By TurboPikachu
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My goodness, as if my old art style wasn't already very cartoony. XD  I've noticed my style is getting more simple with each passing year, but hey, I see a huge improvement in line quality, and that matters more to me than color/shading right now, especially since I'm using an app for 3DS that, when drawing, feels of Paintdotnet or even early versions of PhotoShop, but doesn't even have any of MS Paint's most basic features (copy/cut/paste/stretch/crop/fill/select/text). Basically makes your 3DS touch screen a piece of paper, and not much beyond that. DX

Original Blank Meme:

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Cool. You've made some great improvements in a year. I like the missing tooth and how his hair is spikier. The hood looks more natural as well. :)
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Thanks!  But that's not a missing tooth, it's actually the gap between my front teeth.  I guess I over-exaggerated the gap... XD  The way I drew it does kinda look big enough to be a missing tooth. .w."