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Alton Island - Ripsaw by TurboJUK Alton Island - Ripsaw by TurboJUK
"In January of 1997, a particularly foolhardy man called Ross Hustler landed on Alton Island, looking for new prospects and somewhere to start a new life. From the moment Ross arrived in Towerstree harbour the locals were quick to warn him of a dark area of the island: Forbidden Valley. Believing that the warnings were only rumours on the grapevine, Ross decided to check the area out for himself, despite the warnings.

The moment he emerged from the dense woodland of Gloomy Wood, he was confronted with a sight worse than what the warnings had told him. Skies of deep crimson and dead earth for as far as the eye could see. Before Ross could contemplate turning back, he was attacked by a horrendous mutant: a Nemesite.

Despite a long struggle with the alien, Ross ultimately succumbed and was dragged away, deep into the valley itself. Ross’ weak body was put before the alien’s master: The demon king Nemesis. Impressed that Ross had survived the Nemesite’s onslaught, he offered a choice: Aid Nemesis in his conquest of the planet, or decline, and be feasted upon by Nemesites. Thinking the decision an easy one, Ross chose to swear allegiance to the demon king, but the choice had its own downfall…

No sooner had Ross submitted had Nemesis clamped his claws into Ross’ skull, dragging the man to his feet whilst the colour of Ross’ skin was all but drained away to a lifeless purple. Ross cried out in pain as the evil alien force began to flow through his veins: Nemesis was corrupting his mind. Ross initially lay limp following his corruption, but stood upon instruction from his new master. His eyes opened to reveal a horrible set of lifeless eyes with deep yellow pupils. Ross had become one of many that Nemesis had subjected to the same terrible fate.

Using machinery from the wrecked craft that had brought Nemesis to Earth, Ross crafted a savage weapon in the form of an enormous saw blade. Impressed with Ross’ ingenuity, Nemesis commanded he test it upon one of his other victims. Ross massacred the individual without question. Such is the result of corruption: To blindly serve the Demon King’s demands. Ross was assigned to be Nemesis’ right hand and bodyguard, now a shell of his former self and a ruthless killing machine, known only as Ripsaw."

Another character I've returned to. Ripsaw's design and character haven't changed much in the past 4 years. The purple discolouration has been toned down somewhat, he became rather more muscular, his goggles are now no longer a permanent part of the character and his helmet has lost the built-in lamp. His saw, however, has changed the most. I was very disappointed with the original design, which was too bulky and generic. Now it looks as though it came out of a scrapyard (since it's new design was based heavily on the Robot Wars house robot 'Dead Metal') and it actually seems to have something of a personality.

Alton Island © Matt Lindsay 2008-2013
Credit to ~Cobra-Roll for rewriting his bio.
OreoAndEeyore Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Then At The End Of 2015, Ripsaw Got Removed. (this is true, pls dont sue me)
TurboJUK Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Killed in battle against Agent SubTerra.
OreoAndEeyore Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
And Subterra Closed Due To Restraint Works. (Real Life)
??? (Fiction)
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