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Alton Island - Marauder's Mayhem and Heave Ho by TurboJUK Alton Island - Marauder's Mayhem and Heave Ho by TurboJUK
"Sheila Tipps is a long established resident of the town of Ingestre, Alton Island. Her father had opened a tavern many years ago names 'The Marauders', which had always attracted a rather rough crowd. This had rubbed off on her over the years and when she took over from her father at the end of the 1980s she was more than prepared to deal with the drunken patrons. She was boisterous, had a great sense of humour took a zero-tolerance attitude towards fighting, leaping into the fray and using her fists to break up the fight, often throwing whoever started the brawl out onto the street with their arms broken in three places.
Over the years, the area of town The Marauders was located in had been developed and a few years after taking over the other business owners voiced their concerns to Sheila, feeling that the tavern's image and clientele would affect their business and they lobbied for her to make changes. She consistently refused, citing that nobody had ever had a problem before and nothing was going to change. Ultimately the pressure mounted and to try and appease them she promised to clean up the tavern's image, which she did by only slightly tidying up the outside. The complaints continued, but Sheila told them exactly where they could stick them.
The year 2008 arrived and Ingestre would change very suddenly. A gang of rowdy pirates had arrived at the old town docks and many of them soon began wreaking havoc. When they arrived at The Marauders, their plans to loot the cash register and get as much beer as possible were thwarted by Sheila, armed with her father's trusty cricket bat. Many of the other businesses were so horrified by the pirate invasion that they relocated. Sheila's tavern, however, soon became very popular among the seafarers and despite their initial encounter she happily serves them grog to this day, satisfied that her personal battle has been won.

Of the many pirates to arrive, Sheila is particularly fond of her most frequent customer, Arthur Daniels. Formerly part of a crew attempting to find their missing captain, he was very popular among his fellow crewmen for his willingness to share and indulge in alcohol. Arthur was a serial drinker and his drunken personality often landed him in trouble with his captain, especially when he was once found down in the ship’s hold drinking rum that had only just been plundered.
The crew actually lost Arthur one evening when they had all headed to a bar when anchored at port. The crew had headed back to the ship, unwittingly forgetting that Arthur was still drinking in the tavern. They sailed away without him, and were too far over the horizon before they realised he was missing. Amazingly, despite being missing for many moons, Arthur eventually did find his way back to them and caught up with the crew after they had begun their search of Ingestre. Completely out of it and unaware as to what the rest of his crew were actually doing, he simply made himself at home where he naturally felt most comfortable: The bar at The Marauders. While he may be a completely useless pirate and often stays at the bar many hours after time has been called, Sheila knows he's a valuable customer and often ends up protecting him from those who would rather cause trouble, and he's always willing to chat regardless of how incomprehensible he is."

Two for the price of one, it's a couple more flat rides from Mutiny Bay! I've wanted to work on Marauders Mayhem for several years now but I couldn't figure out what the setting should be. With Heave Ho being a drunken wreck surely it made the most sense to combine the two into one picture.
I ended up basing the look of the bar on that of the Courtyard Tavern, one of the few places you can buy alcohol at Alton. Not a good idea to drink before going on either one of these spinning rides, though.

Alton Island © Matt Lindsay
Credit to Cobra-Roll for his assistance.
bloatedseal Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
hey turbo i love your art work and i have watched your videos for almost 8 years now and only just subscribed to you and i'm happy that your original videos are still up and everyone in the comments has saluted you, don't believe me, check the comments for your video the trouble with trains 3, or your early animations, or you two commentaries, people are wondering where your at on youtube right now and even i can't find you because someone said you made a new channel and idk where it is 
TurboJUK Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Hey there. I do follow what goes on over on Youtube, I just don't use it much any more. I have a job now as well as several other interests so I only make videos as and when.
My second channel is only used for Garry's Mod and YTP videos. It gets used once in a blue moon.
bloatedseal Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
oh okay well i hope your desk railway series continues one day man, everyone's been wondering as to why its stalled
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