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Alton Island - Corkscrew by TurboJUK Alton Island - Corkscrew by TurboJUK
"The town of Festiva was home to many well known figures, among them being Vernon Koma, often known to his friends as Corky. Corky first arrived on the scene in 1980 while in his early teens, selling handmade jewellery at the local markets. His wares sold fairly well and he would often wear them himself in an attempt to advertise them - of these his favourites were a pair of bracelets that spiralled up his arms, and while these were never particularly popular products he became very attached to them and continued to wear them long after he stopped making jewellery.
During the 1990s Corky was between jobs, when he eventually got wind of a new tourist attraction under construction that would boost the local economy - a racing circuit. With little else on his mind he began work on fixing up his car and once the circuit was complete he entered the first amateur racing tournament.

Years passed and Corky had become a popular figure on the racing circuit. His old Talbot Tagora, while dated, was able to keep up with many of the more modern cars thanks to the mods he had made to it. However it was soon put in its place in 2005 when Rita Tamin entered the scene with her collection of supercars. Corky was very disapproving of Rita, her cockiness and general attitude on the circuit immediately put them at odds with each other and they became fierce rivals. Their relationship changed halfway through the season when, after Corky attempted to overtake Rita on the final corner, he lost control of his Tagora and crashed it into the side wall. Rita, guilty for her poor attitude and that her actions had written off Corky's beloved car, offered to cover any and all costs to repair the Tagora and after that the two became good friends, with Corky almost becoming a mentor to Rita.

Several years passed and the accident began to catch up to him. The crash had injured Corky's leg and while he recovered fairly well it was never quite the same again. Eventually it began affecting his driving and he decided it was time to retire from the racing scene. After his last race in November 2008 he decided to settle down and find himself permanent work again.
He disappeared from him home overnight.
There was no sign of forced entry, nothing had been stolen, everything was exactly as he had left it. What's more, his body was found in a clearing on the edge of Tenebris Forest several days later. The coroner was mystified, as there was absolutely no conclusive cause of death. Rita, absolutely crushed by the death of her best friend, eventually found out that she had been left his Talbot Tagora, which she drives on the course every year in memory of him..."

So much art in such a short space of time? This is a rarity for me.
We finally have an updated picture for one of my earliest characters. Corky hasn't really changed much over the years, his appearance is just more refined and mature.

Alton Island © Matt Lindsay 2008-2018
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TheTrainMaster08 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Finally some new stuff out of you
Splatdacat04 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018
Could we get something for wicker man?
TurboJUK Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Professional Filmographer
All in due time, I never create a character for an upcoming ride until I've ridden it first.
Not to say I don't have ideas, they just need refining.
Splatdacat04 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018
Oh ok well I’ll wait for spring! Cuz I wanna ride it to
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