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Alton Island - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by TurboJUK Alton Island - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by TurboJUK
"The year 2005 marked the retirement of one of Alton Island's longest running entertainers, Graham Guernsey. For a few months the theatre where Graham had performed remained empty, barring the occasional local event. That was to change the following year...
Aubrey Kraft was a businessman, owning a factory complex within Talbot. He knew not of show business or performing, but he knew that there was a lack of live family entertainment and that there was money to be made. Aubrey had begun financing a production of his own, hiring a team to get his ideas on the stage. Initially things looked promising; marketing was strong and the concepts shown looked great, promising a magical experience for all, young and old. The reality was a bit different.

When the show finally opened in April, reactions were very mixed. Some found it a delightful experience with excellent effects and production values, while others called it a hollow performance with no charm or wit. The reviews said it all - this new show couldn't hold a candle to what came before it. All Aubrey had done was throw money at what he thought was the best money could buy.
Aubrey wasn't remotely phased by this. A year after the show opened, he added a few more bells and whistles in an attempt to try and keep the punters happy, but as far as he was concerned it was making a pretty sizeable profit regardless of what the reviews said. A decent side project to his own business.
The show ran for a decade, much like its predecessor had. Just like before the audience numbers began to dwindle, only a lot quicker this time, ultimately beginning to run at a loss. Aubrey had in fact forgotten that the show was even being performed after several years, becoming more focused on running his factory. When he eventually realised this he pulled the plug on it. He was no showman. Business was all he cared for."

This one has been a long time coming and with confirmation that the ride has been closed down, I think it's time to get this out here.
Of all the rides at Alton there are very few that I can say I don't like and this was one that I definitely did not like. It was pretty clear to me that Tussauds had only built the ride to cash in on the Tim Burton film released the same year and even clearer is the moment the budget ran out. Uninspired theming in the inventing room, a confusing mirror maze instead of an actual themed room, a disappointing finale and a cardboard cut-out factory. What's worse is just how bad it all is compared to what came before it. While I never got a chance to ride Toyland Tours, every room had something to look at, loads of effects and moving parts, whereas C&TCF had very little. It took me a lot to not be more critical in the character bio.
Aubrey himself is almost an anti-Willy Wonka, as if they sucked out what made him so fun and eccentric. I love the atmosphere of this picture though. It's the complete opposite of my Toyland Tours one.

Alton Island © Matt Lindsay 2008 - 2017
Special thanks to Cobra-Roll for his suggestions
OreoAndEeyore Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017
Then In 2015, The Charlie License Was Not Renewed, So The Ride Is Standing But NOT Operating To This Day.
SuperJesse64 Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the effect.
mitchika2 Featured By Owner May 11, 2017   Digital Artist
now we wait for what the next show might be
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