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Alton Island - Blade by TurboJUK Alton Island - Blade by TurboJUK
"Captain Woodes Huss has been a long term settler on Alton Island. After eventually growing weary of his days as a looter on the high seas, he landed on Alton Island many years ago in 1984 after abandoning his own ship and his crew. Conveniently for him, he kept a hold of his pistol, his sword and the crew’s treasure map, thus ensuring a comfortable retirement. Upon settling into his new home in Springton however, he found a young lad wandering the streets seemingly aimlessly. He adopted the boy out of pity, and looked after him for many years. To Woodes, this was a way of repenting for the misdemeanours he had caused countless others as a pirate. Woodes’ retirement was due to be anything but peaceful however.

On a visit to a famous tavern in Ingestre in early 1997, he overheard some people sitting nearby who were up in arms at the loss of a new settler on the island, and were determined to take matters into their own hands. The groggy captain, under the influence of a few drinks decided to help them, and sure enough all of them set off for the Forbidden Valley the next morning. Much like the last people to set foot in the deathly wastelands of Forbidden Valley, the group soon began regretting the decision to charge head-long into things, and again much like many before them, would never escape it. A small swarm of Nemesites soon surrounded the group and closed in.

A single shot of Woodes’ pistol was enough to make the Nemesites much more aggressive than usual. The rest of the group were no match, and quickly perished in the attack, but Woodes, being slightly more adept at fighting was only just able to survive the bloody battle. He was continually attacked, and his arm and legs were mauled far beyond the point of healing. The Nemesites dragged the agonised captain to their leader Nemesis, who promptly ordered the removal of Woodes’ destroyed limbs. They were removed forcefully and painfully, and then replaced with cybernetic replacements, even grafting his own sword into his new arm’s design. Initially grateful that this stranger had given him a chance to live, he soon lost the emotion once the limbs began to take control…

Much like all of Nemesis’ followers, Woodes Huss was no longer himself.  He no longer had any memory of the child he had looked after or the crew he was once a part of. Now just a bloodthirsty general to be used as a pawn by the likes of the Demon King. Woodes had become Blade, the commander of Nemesis’ Nemesite army. The sword embedded into his arm making short work of any who had the audacity to question Nemesis’ place as the ruler of the planet. Unknown to Blade however, his old crew remained bitter after his disappearance, and were in fact hot on the captain’s trail after so many years…"

Blade was the last of the characters I drew before this year's mass-redesign. Fittingly, he's the last character I will draw before my next trip to Alton, and the last of the old characters still in the park's line-up.
Nothing much has changed with his design. He's been given a longer coat, but a different change is the arm itself. It was originally planned to be like its inspiration, Edward Elric's Automail, in that the sword (which actually looks like a sword here) could retract into the arm so he could use his mechanical hand. Now the sword remains permanently fitted, since Nemesis wouldn't need him to use his other hand for anything, plus it would be too complex for him to develop.
Another big change here? The Nemesites. If you can see them in the background, you'll notice they've been redesigned, with darker colours, less fleshy detail, new scorpion like claws and tails, and less cliché teeth (from massive blood-stained fangs to rows of teeth like a sharks).

Alton Island © Matt Lindsay 2008-2013
Credit to Cobra-Roll for rewriting his bio and helping with redesigns.
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