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2014 in a nutshell by TurboJUK 2014 in a nutshell by TurboJUK
Here we go, five years in a row! And this one is nearly a day late!

A pretty important month. I bought myself a Merlin Annual Pass, allowing me access to Alton Towers and Thorpe Park for the next 12 months. But how would I get there? Well, I also bought my first car. And of all the cars I could've got, I got the one I'd always wanted - a VW Beetle.

Once again, going to see The Room with Tommy and Greg. Except this time I had a copy of Greg's book to get signed, plus I looked like a drowned rat because of the appalling weather and various difficulties getting into the capital.

Theme park season begins. Me and Jon (Cobra-Roll) visit Thorpe on Annual Pass day, and get the first three trains on Stealth. Alton comes but a week afterwards.

Following the sadness of a failed meet up at Alton, two days later I made a big discovery: The soundtrack to the Felix The Cat movie had been released on iTunes!… Perfect, clean versions of "Face To The Wind" and "Who Is The Boss", worth the price of the full album

I'd done my first motorway drive the previous month, but this month marked the first time I did it alone. Of course, I was terrified. But the reward was another day at Thorpe Park

I went on a short break to Scotland to visit my great aunt (who I hadn't seen in ten years), with a visit to the Strathspey Railway to boot. But the most important part of the trip was doing what should've been done in April - meeting up with my dear friend Jess (ACwinx) for the very first time.

This month was once more host to Annual Pass abuse, with Thorpe and Alton at the start and end of the month respectively. But the Alton trip meant another meet up, this time with Max (Shadow-Industries) and his friend Alex.

Work at Longleat dominated this month, with me getting put on the park's newest ride, Rockin' Rhino, most days of the week. These days my supervisor and manager say that if the ride breaks I can just push everyone round while reciting all the dialogue, with the voices to boot. After nine hours you'll be saying it all in your sleep.

See July, except without any meet ups. And a lot more Detonator.

Me and Jon spent four days at Alton for Scarefest, the very first one I'd ever been to. What's more, we went dressed as Alton Island characters (I went as Smiler, Jon as Oblivion). To make things even more perfect, Max and Alex were going while we were there, and then Jess was able to go. Despite the weather on the day of our meet (DAMN YOU GONZALO), we had a bloody amazing time. By the end of the four days, with legs aching and minds frazzled, me and Jon discovered there IS such a thing as too much Alton Towers...

... But not so much that we couldn't squeeze another day in. Having barely recovered from Scarefest we punished ourselves by aiming to ride Smiler 14 times in one day - 'the magic number' as we called it. I nearly managed back in April, but here we succeeded. Ha ha haaaaa...

Following on from another attempt to become a train driver at Longleat, I began working in a new role known as the 'shunter' (which actually involves no shunting, but guard duties). Ten hour shifts, five days a week, lots of trains.

Despite the year seeming very positive, it's been rather mixed overall. However, I feel as though I've had a good year. No Summer of Sonic though...
Roll on 2015!
peterthedumbhipster Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
why doesn't stealth's second hill not have any supports? i oughtta report a safety violation.
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