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Watch "A-20s vs. Hornet 229s" on YouTube A-20s vs. Hornet 229s: http://youtu.be/1kq5hNqAasE

This is an honest question: Do you guys enjoy my storie...

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  • Meh
  • No
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After looking at this picture( http://turbofurby.devian...

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  • Gurren Lagann
  • NU Gundam

I have one week of Premium Left...

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I'm thinking of doing a Reach campaign run-through as N...

  |  8 votes
  • SPARTAN-B312(Noble Six replacement)
  • Thom-293(Noble Six in the Deliver Hope trailer aka the original Noble six)

Does anybody think that Bad Company a.k.a this song: ht...

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