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Yeah, Black Ops IIII (I swear Treyarch forgot how Roman Numerals work) has decided to completely abandon the single player campaign and has instead decided to cash in on the Battle Royale craze with Blackout, or as I like to call it, CODNite. It's literally just FFA on a big map that lets you use tanks and helicopters. Nothing special. BUT, BUT, we have T H R E E new Zombie maps! Okay, actually T W O new maps, Rome, a remake of Mob of The Dead and....THE TITANIC. Yes, the Titanic wasn't sunk by only an Iceberg, but also a zombie plague!

Eat your heart out James Cameron and Celine Dion, we've got a new blockbuster on our hands!

If anybody can tell through my comments, I'm not excited for Black Ops IIII, or IIIII, or the inevitable IIIIII.....oh and the fans like to argue that "I-IT'S TALLY MARKS NOT ROMAN NUMERALS WHO THE FUCK USES THOSE!?"
Is anyone interested in having a download link for 0.6 of Halo Online? If so, pop me a note and I'll send you a link as I don't wanna publicly drop the link in case Microsoft decided to drop a ban on my channel. They're dropping DMCA bans on Twitch streamers that are streaming it so it's safe to assume I could get the same thing.
Seriously for the sake of all things great, check out Reidawen, she's done some seriously great SFM works (including with the help of our Soviet Barney, Nova) such as....One last dance? by Reidawen
Green come on answer me! by Reidawen
And this! She's been an amazing help in helping me visualize events in early portions of my story that I've been wanting to reimagine for so long and change so much. She only has 18 Watchers and she seriously needs to be noticed so please, go check her out!
I had a great time doing some bodyacting last night with the help of XLegion-716X and UltraPredator01 and several others, but I need your guys' help. Even if you've never thought about it, as of 2580 in my story, do you think your characters are dead, alive, or missing? Please don't be afraid to pick dead or missing.

I mean, c'mon, who'd think I'm NOT a fan of Pacific Rim?? It's unfortunate that Del Toro isn't directing Uprising but I still believe it'll be a great film. I mean, it's got my boi in Blue and Red, Gipsy Avenger, Gipsy Danger's successor.

Oh boy, so this is a video that THE WHITE HOUSE posted on Youtube to try and make their claim that video games cause school shootings. Instead, it created a video with 570 likes and twelve....thousand dislikes. America truly is one giant joke at this point.
I loved it

I absolutely loved it, please watch it as soon as you get the chance.

RIP to my boi Clone Commando Gregor, you fought the good fight.
I'm bored so I'm going to list off some facts about Blue, Green, and Chatterbox.

Thomas-014 'Blue':
1. He likes being alone, but he hates the feeling of being alone.
2. He's primarily left-handed but is capable of using both hands.
3. His favorite prank to pull is having someone shake his prosthetic arm and letting it pop off. He's overused it so it's heavily hated by everyone.
4. He very rarely is ever seen out of armor so if he's seen without it, you better take a picture of that once-in-a-lifetime moment.
5. He likes to play the role of a teacher/father-figure to everyone, even those older than him.

Maria-063 'Green':
1. Green is actually her least-favorite color. She claims she feels "like a walking Mountain Dew can" but rolls with it because "Blue and Green sounds better than Blue and Teal".
2. She's seen out of armor more often than Blue, meaning her skin is more natural instead of the near-pale of most Spartan-IIs.
3. She named her personal sniper rifle 'Maverick'.
4. Her and Blue aren't very lovey-dubby ever, but much like when Blue isn't in armor, when they are take a picture.
5. Her largest scar runs diagonally down her back after being jumped from behind by a Jackal Sniper.
6. Just like Blue, her armor is a heavily modified prototype of the Mark V armor, albeit the B model seen in Halo: Reach. Her armor is focused more on stealth at the cost of a weaker shield, such the reason why she always has a shotgun with her when she snipes.

1. His actual name is Rtil 'Vosov
2. He fought alongside Thel 'Vadam's forces in the Battle of Installation 00, experiencing combat against the Flood first-hand.
3. He's not a huge fan of his nickname 'Chatterbox' namely due to that it's the exact opposite of his personality.
4. He far prefers the stopping power of Human kinetic weapons over Covenant plasma weapons, though does have an interest in modified weapons in use by the Banished.
5. He was next in line to be chosen as a member of the Prophets' Honor Guard until the outbreak of the Great Schism.
6. Unknown to all three, Rtil and the two Spartans have engaged in firefights with each other multiple times during the Covenant War.
I simply wish to be able to get a new computer or laptop, one to use exclusively for gaming and for being able to make the same CG work that Artists like Rookie, Boss, and Wolf are using because, to be honest, I'm way behind the times. I can't get people to bodyact for me anymore and it's hard to coordinate it now as well. What I need is to be able to use the software to continue on with my stories, I'd be able to show more emotion and humanity in them instead of a group of Spartans staring at each other in either a poorly lit or too well lit room.

Yee, America and Japan have fucking done it, they've brought mech battles to live, and they're absolutely amazing.

GOD DAMMIT I'M SO HYPED! Board the Hype Train boys and girls, next stop, the movie theater!
Like the past few weeks, I'm off this Thursday and Friday. This Friday is also the start of the CoD: WWII public beta. Thankfully I'm off Sunday the 3rd, which is the 2nd to last day for the beta and then I'm off Wednesday the 6th, which is the day Destiny 2 comes out. I'm paid September 7th, three days before my birthday which I'm off on my Birthday and the day after.

So yeah, there's a small update.
Why? Because I have a new job at Walmart after quitting Chipotle for not giving me any hours. I work CAP 2, which we unload trucks and stock the items. I work from 2pm to 11pm, which gives me maybe five-six hours in the mornings before work for me to do something, but I'm always so tired from the night before I typically sleep until 10am. I also work five days a week, and currently my two days off for the next three weeks lie on Thursday and Friday.

What does this mean? It means that the odds of me every being able to make decent progress on my story has just dropped drastically to the point that even making "history" pictures for tanks, MS, etc, are also very unlikely to pop up that often unless I manage to find people willing to help me out, because currently I'm stuck just begging random people on Xbox Live to help me.

Whelp, it's 11:44 at the time I type this all up so I'm gonna go ahead and end it here. Hopefully I'll have time to hang out with you guys and do some story stuff, because I honestly really miss working on my stories.
I seriously ship my own OCs very hardcore. Looking back at 2013 when these two Spartans of mine were created, I didn't have any plans for them, they were just two characters that were just going to be a comedy pair, simple slap-stick humor. But the more I thought of the characters, the setting they were in.

I realized how much the pair would have seen together, both the best and worst humanity has to offer, watched the other get shot up, punched, kicked, ran over, and in the case of one, lose his whole right arm, but yet they remain together and continue to have the other's back.

So I changed my mind about the mere slap-stick humor duo and chose to give them a true story and did my best to fit them into the Halo Canon in a fashion that seemed reasonably believable and the battles and skirmishes they fight in follow Halo's canon and doesn't break away from Halo's canon until post-Halo 4.

That is why, out of all the Halo OC's I've created, Thomas-014 and Maria-107 aka 'Blue' and 'Green', will always be my favorite OC duo. And, of course, I support any and all OC ships, whether both characters are from one person, or they're from two different people.Try rest one time [SFM] by BossVeteran

Forever Blue and Green by Wolf-S305
As of today I'm disbanding my Spartan Company because I'm making a new one. Though this one is strictly for the Bull's Brigade. Who's the Bull's Brigade? They are a clan that originally was just on World of Tanks console but now has been expanding into World of Warships, I believe War Thunder, Crossout, and even Star Trek Online. Because of this, I decided that, with talking to people within Bull, we're gonna expand into Halo since I know plenty of the Bull members are also into Halo as well.


#WatchThoseWristRockets guys!
I'm a bit late to this but I was tagged by sorakeyblader258 and he wants me to specifically do Thomas-014 aka 'Blue'.
The rules are simple:
1. Post these rules
2. Post eight facts about your character
3. Tag eight other characters
4. Post their names and their creator's avatar
Return to the Classics by Turbofurby

1. Blue's the youngest of three brothers and is the only one of the three to survive the entirety of the Human-Covenant War

2. His original armor after the Mark IV was a prototype of the Mark V armor that he continued to improve and modify throughout the war. By the war's end, it was far superior to the final production version of the armor and on par in multiple categories with the Mark VI.

3. Outside of the UNSC, he's a chill and laid back guy and will easily crack a few jokes when he can. Though when it comes time to arm himself for combat, his Spartan training kicks in and he becomes almost completely silent, mostly communicating with hand signals or quick one sentence comments.

4. Speaking of #3, even those close to him very rarely see him without his helmet and armor on, however this is very common among Spartan IIs and some IIIs. Underneath the armor, his skin is rather pale, but not bone white like people imagine it to be. Meaning if he's seen without his helmet, or even his armor (which is even rarer), it's for a very special and important occasion.

5. His standard loadout, is a BR55 Battle Rifle and the M6H2 magnum. However, he is also commonly seen with the M392/M395 Designated Marksman Rifle or any of the MA series assault rifles.

6. Blue didn't propose to Maria-063 aka 'Green', she proposed to him. After she brought up the question, he went into pure silence for a solid minute before commenting "Ya know, I think it's the other way around" before taking her hand.

7. Speaking of #6, he never wears the ring, neither of them did actually. This is because they viewed their jobs first and their relationship second, plus it's hard to put a ring underneath a glove and make it comfortable.

8. Besides knowing that he had brothers and their fates, Blue knows nothing about his family and what happened to them. He doesn't know his last name either, and it's entirely his choice. He wishes to leave it all behind and focus on the family he has now.

I tag whoever wants to do this

So I took the ASVAB test a while back and passed. Unfortunately the National Guard won't leave me alone and sent me a list of jobs I'm qualified for due to my score in the ASVAB.

I can enlist as a plumber

Think about that for a moment

In case you haven't heard, President Trump was authorized US Destroyers to bombard Syrian airfields sided with Asaad in response to the gas attacks against civilians a few days ago, which is against the Geneva Convention. This is quite a pickle for us because not only is the president of Syria going to be mad because we just bombed his country but the Russians are going to be pissed because they've been wanting us to keep out of what's going on in Syria and North Korea has already been pestering us for the past few years with nukes so we're kind of on the very tip-toe of another war and of course it has to happen on the 100th anniversary of the US's entry into the first World War.
All I want to do is take screenshots so I can keep doing my story but my capture space is full and I need to delete game clips but my Xbox won't even load up the game clips so I can delete them and my Xbox won't let me take screenshots or other game clips until I do!