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RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type by Turbofurby RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type by Turbofurby
While the RGM-79 GM proved itself to be a highly capable MS, the introduction of Zeon's well armed and agile MS-09B Dom on Earth saw the need for a more maneuverable and better-performing mobile suit. A variant of the GM, the RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type had increased thruster power and maneuverability, and some were modified for harsh climate conditions, most notably cold weather combat. The RGM-79D could be equipped with a variety of weaponry, including two types of 90mm machine guns (one of which is fitted with an underslung grenade launcher), head-mounted vulcan guns, and a beam saber.

The RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type was introduced late in the war, with at least three units assigned to Lieutenant Yuu Kajima's MS combat testing squad. Yuu's unit quickly proved the value of the GM Cold Climate Type, destroying several Zeon mobile suits in defense of a Federation Forces base, including several MSM-03C Hygoggs and three Doms. Other units were deployed to guard important Federation Forces bases, such as the Arctic base where research and development of the RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex" was carried out.
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