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RGM-79 Powered GM by Turbofurby RGM-79 Powered GM by Turbofurby
The RGM-79 Powered GM is a RGM-79C GM Type C that has been modified with advanced parts in order to test their functionality for use in future advanced mobile suits. Many of its new components are used in the form of a backpack system that incorporates a more powerful Minovsky-type ultracompact fusion reactor and more powerful thrusters. This new equipment granted the Powered GM significantly greater mobility. Its leaping height and speed greatly surpassed that of the MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type, and it has greater mobility when in midair. Because of the stress the mobile suit's legs receives when landing from such heights, heights greater than the GM Kai was originally intended to go, the Powered GM was outfitted with new shock absorbers in the knees.

The RGM-79 Powered GM was built in the year U.C. 0083 and at least two units were known to exist and stationed at Federation's Torrington Base in Australia where one of them was assigned to test pilot Dick Allen. The Powered GM would be tested in mock battles against multiple MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type for data gathering purposes, typically ending in victory without Allen having pushed the machine to its limits. On October 13 U.C. 0083, the Torrington Base was attacked by members of the Delaz Fleet. Both Powered GMs would be sortied against the enemy mobile suits, with Allen's unit was assigned as a member of one of the teams to pursue the stolen Gundam GP02. However, Allen's Powered GM was ambushed and destroyed by Adamski's Dom Tropen. Another damaged Powered GM was seen at the devastated Torrington Base. After the raid, the test data of the Powered GMs were mostly lost.
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