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MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type by Turbofurby MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type by Turbofurby
The MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type is a MS-05B Zaku I reequipped for sniping purposes. Over the normal type, this mobile suit has an improved mono-eye sensor and redesigned head for better visibility and durability. The MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type is installed with the same type of camera lenses as the MS-06E Zaku Reconnaissance Type but revised for higher magnification zoom. The improved sensors come with night and thermal vision to meet the needs of complex shooting conditions. An antenna has been installed on the head allowing for short-range wireless communication as well as for detecting the surrounding environment parameters, such as the degree of atmospheric scattering at different times, the air specific heat, and even wind speed and dust content. These parameters will be transferred to the MS-05L Zaku Sniper Type OS environment specific calculation module, which will enable the pilot to take the most accurate shot possible. For powering its beam sniper rifle, it is outfitted with an external auxiliary reactor with a rated output of 700 kW. The right knee has a collapsible strut for increased targeting and firing stability. Other weaponry include head vulcans and a sturm faust.

Towards the conclusion of the One Year War, supply shortages forced the Principality of Zeon to deploy old, refurbished mobile suits in battle. Most MS-05 Zaku I variants returned to service without significant changes, but some units were refitted to be Sniper Type units.

One Zaku I Sniper Type is seen used in UC 0096, piloted by the Zeon remnants leader Yonem Kirks during their attack on Torrington Base. The Zaku I Sniper Type supported the Zeon remnant forces on the ground from the air inside a Fat Uncle. Despite being nearly two-decades old by UC 0096, it still proved to be quite effective, taking out multiple modern Federation units. It was later destroyed by Londo Bell's Tri-Stars team in their Jesta's after Kirks tried to set off the Zaku I Sniper Type's external auxillary reactor.
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