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By turbofanatic
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I’ve wanted to make a reference sheet for a long time, so here it is! Our wormy protagonist. I will try to answer questions if you have them!

I have to admit, one of the main themes was going to be “because plagues and disasters are commonplace, people in power can and will effectively enact mass murder against certain groups simply by ignoring particular disasters” and it’s a bit hard to do that right now because, well, look around.

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holy moly guacamole

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seriously into this design, your style is incredibly unique :0

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Ugh, I love your worldbuilding so much! It's always such a treat. <3

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Love the design and lore surrounding him, along with a few questions.

1> Would Kinetic rounds, slugs, chunks of non magnetic metal, or a particularly fast piece of wood hurt him in his.... (Worm form? Hyperspace monster mode?) Alternate face?

2> What are his overall goals, along the lines of, Saving people from a giant fire by eating it, murdering the dickheads chasing him, or trying to get rid of the worms if that's even possible to begin with?

3> What was his favorite human food, and whats his favorite um... radioactive material in Worm Mode?

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1> He does extract energy from the heat of slug impacts but it does hurt and do some damage. He's quite tough though. Something like a tank round will really hurt.

2> He wants to do science! And eat plutonium. Also maybe threaten politicians until they start giving money to plague research and start dismantling nuclear weapons (by placing them directly in his mouth). He absolutely does not want to be human again.

3> Favorite human food: hash browns and hotdogs with absurd amounts of toppings. Favorite worm food: He ate a sunken nuclear submarine and it was great.