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Different Sunsets

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How precisely does one go about starting a civilization? Itzpapalotl's brain nodes murmered to each other in the face of such a question.
Of course, the first question she needed to answer was "should one go about starting a civilization?"
She chided herself on her impatience. It was no good to bring other people into the world to alleviate her own damnable boredom.
The general consensus amongst all nodes was that, provided a high certainty of a successful civilization, it was right to start to start one.
She reformatted a few overflow nodes to act as devil's advocates to that statement. They were unable to come up with anything more than standard nihilistic bullshit.
Moving on the next requirement... did she in fact have a high certainty of success?
That was trickier. She had the broken body of Iyatiku to provide plant growth, and the mother ship safely in orbit. Beyond that it was just the resources of the planet, a young earthlike planet in the stable Lagrange zone of a gas giant. Massive crystalline formations dotted the northern hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere was a massive desert.
There was far too little water here.
And she wasn't about to raise a bunch of Fremen.
She instructed her satellites to start rounding up comets.
She would take things one step at a time, no reason to make decisions yet. Once there was enough water she could move on to the next step of asking Iyatiku for plants.
She settled into the mile high tourmaline.
Her question would be answered, one step at a time.

I went to a poster show recently and this is the result (so many colors!)
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MyrethyHobbyist Writer
Your creations are some of the most fascinating ones I've ever seen. Beauties like this put my ideas to shame.
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Sigma-Echo-SevenStudent Writer
"There was far too little water here.
And she wasn't about to raise a bunch of Fremen."

I got a kick out of that. Very intriguing thought process!
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It's really interesting to see a little bit on how Itzy's mind works, especially the way she cross-examines her own decision by actively making parts of her mind disagree with her. I'm now powerfully curious as to the structure of her mind, there must be much more interesting things going on there than in human anatomy/psyche.
Also those sky colours are delicious. Omnomnom.
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Namisis Digital Artist
the colors are very bright, it looks good, especially with the clouds, where the purple and yellow meets, makes it stand out more.
and the creature is simply awesome, and all the details you put in the scales and everything. good work with the shading too. ;)
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DSilStudent General Artist
Rad. I like the cel-shading style a lot. Graphic, but without detracting from the details.
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Hah! If only my inner monologue were so witty and surgical!!
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Marty-PartyHobbyist Traditional Artist
From Dune.
They were desert people.
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It's been about 11 years since I last picked that up.
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LemniskateHobbyist Traditional Artist
These are questions that I, too, ponder sometimes.


Nah, just kidding :)
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Awesome art, and awesome glimpses of the way a robot space-god's mind works!
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thomastapirStudent General Artist
WHOA, nice! You know, I'd always pictured Itzy's skin texture as...Hmm, not polygonal scales, exactly, but more like rugose skin folds, I guess. I really like the coat of overlapping "chain mail" scales here, they have almost a Coelacanth-ian quality--lamellar/cosmoid scales, rather than reptilian scales. Which is freakin' awesome! Also I never thought of it this way before, but those are some big fat doobies on her back! [link]
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amberchromeProfessional General Artist
Wow, the colors almost vibrate here.
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TyxerusStudent General Artist
Love the Dune mention in there XD awesome artwork as always, same with the story
turbofanatic's avatar
turbofanaticHobbyist Digital Artist
Itzy is such a nerd :D
Tyxerus's avatar
TyxerusStudent General Artist
lmao that's a good thing XD
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rachaelm5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, this is enough to give me flashbacks... I love the bold colors; they remind me of my uncle's collection of blacklight posters back in the day. That yellow-orange and royal blue is just exquisite.

It's also always interesting to see into the minds of your creations, and thus into your own insights on Things. :D
turbofanatic's avatar
turbofanaticHobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent, since the 70's/80's blacklight posters were what I was trying to channel :D
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