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Aphelion 2 Page16

Not very sure if this page is clear! I think some words later will help. I try to avoid explaining in words though, kind of feels like a failure in a comic. But that is one weakness of hard-sci-fi, the genre practically demands infodumps. I work hard to minimize it, but that’s just how it is when the subject matter is “complicated science stuff happens and people try to deal with it.” 

P.S. looks like my website is working again! Not sure what happened, the stats show a bunch of failed downloads though. Could have been a server issue.

Four of the most powerful superheroes were created when an unknown object impacted a US/USSR joint space exercise. Two astronauts (including the Vanguard) and two cosmonauts fell to the Earth, gifted with new abilities.

One of the cosmonauts never leaves her reentry suit, and people report a horrible smell following her. 


The worst part was the constant squirming. His control over the intestine… worm… things was getting better, but every so often the ones in his throat would flop out and invert in a vaguely lewd manner, leading to some frantic scrabbling with those awful little arms to stuff them back into the hole in his neck. It was embarrassing. He had a Nobel prize goddamnit (technically a posthumous one, but it counted).

Still, some control was an improvement over the seven months he had spent as a entropy-producer seeking missile (which mostly meant a human seeking missile, but fire was also attractive), with his conscious mind screaming in the background. It had taken every ounce of willpower he had to voluntarily move his fucked up hyperdimensional body and when he finally did he cried tears of liquid nitrogen for a week. 

All things considered, the fact that he had any control whatsoever and hadn’t simply died in the lateral collider was disturbing. He suspected that the creature was some sort of emissary or probe from a different brane universe, one colder and far less energetic than our own, drilling its way through the bulk toward something warmer, and it was smart enough to know that having a guide was useful. And what guide would be more useful than one studying higher dimensions?

Aphelion 2 Page 15
Having two light sources with hard inks is tricky.

(It's called a break engine because it works by breaking symmetry, also as an in-joke because the early versions kept breaking)


“There’s not enough superheroes outside of the US and the USSR, statistically speaking. Just a few, all aligned to capitalist or communist ideals and waging proxy wars with each other, but nothing else. Why? Alien meteors and hyper evolved carbon life forms aren’t only going to show up in America and Russia.”

“All these potential superheroes are being systematically murdered. By something called SOLE WITNESS. Mecha Pussy has sniffed out a few things about her on ARPANET. Tankproof armor. Bolas made of carbon nanotubes propelled by rockets. Nine feet tall. Only giggles. She came after me once, slicing buildings into pieces. I’m just lucky I’m good at slipping away.” 

“I think the USSR has something similar, a sniper of sorts. But SOLE WITNESS doesn’t go to the USSR and their sniper doesn’t come here.” 

-The Surgeon



Predictably unpredictable.
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