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  • Listening to: election results
  • Drinking: Trader Joes winterfest
Got tired of looking at the old ones *_*
  • Listening to: election results
  • Drinking: Trader Joes winterfest
I should probably be making art or doing something useful, but instead I'm sacked out on my couch in front of my HDTV watching Super Tuesday results. Politics is my favorite sport, and this election will be fantastic! I'm for Obama, but I don't mind Hillary. After eight years of idiot Republican leadership, it'll be nice to see a Democrat in the White House. :D There hasn't been a race this close and compelling since before I was born, so I can only assume I'll be a senior citizen before it's this compelling again.
May 25 through 27th, I will be traipsing about Convergence 13 in Portland, Oregon. I may or may not be showing art there, but I will likely be in costume and definitely will be rocking out to Skinny Puppy, Abney Park, and Front Line Assembly.
  • Drinking: Widmer Hefeweizen
I'll be at Anthrocon 2006 next week, likely hanging out in the artist alley. I'll have stuff in the art show as well. So come by and say hi!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas (or annual gift giving event of your choice) and has a happy New Years. I'll be drinking myself into THE FUTURE
The link is here:…

The bidding starts at one dollar, it's basically an entire hardcover sketchbook filled with my sketches. Look at the scraps section of my gallery for sketch examples.  Winner gets the book, money goes to Mercy Corps. Let's get it going on!