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One day, there was an 11-year old boy named Carl. And, he always had acted none other that just...a nerd. He'd always wore professional clothing to school. He'd always bring his own lunch to school. And, he'd always get good grades from his classes. Although, he did always get bullied by four 8th grade kids named Jimmy, Eric, Jerome, and Billy. These kids bully Carl just because of the way he acts...and he was only in the 6th grade! And so, Carl had been bullied like this between these four kids for the past 27 weeks of the school year. But one day...everything changed. These bullies had thought of a funny prank to pull on Carl...but it wasn't funny at all. That prank was that the four bullies had thrown Carl in a lake. The four bullies laughed so hard seeing Carl struggle to swim...but what they didn't realize was that Carl couldn't swim! After the accident, Carl had died and the four bullies had ended up getting away with this. At the last day of school, it was the end of the day from 3:40 pm. Jimmy, Eric, Jerome, and Billy went to their to go get their stuff. But all of a sudden, after they had gotten their stuff, they had suddenly got sucked up inside of the lockers with the locks locked shut. Then, a ghost came up in front of the four lockers and put a note on each of them. It read,"Now how does it feel to be torchered!?"...
Today I feel good, because I'm ready to meet my teacher. Although, I've been to this school I'll just meet my teachers and move out! Wish me luck in the comment section ( show some love ❤️ for ya boi!!) !Meeting Your Teachers  Day! by turbine62
Just to let all of you know that I would love to see what school would be like on the day you meet your teachers 👨‍🏫 before school day! And some of you might think that school is a piece of crap 💩. But I think that you should phase through me real quick. So, school is a fun place to meet new friends, to spend time with teachers, and to learn how to deal with everyday life! Understand that...🙏🤓
School is about learning. Like it or not...always educate and persue your goals. Because without the education, then there is no point in understanding anything in life...
Why do people say "Don't judge a book by its cover." when people judge music by its lyrics?
Wake up to the morning wood. Wake up to pancakes and bacon. Wake up to everything prepped. Wake up to a beautiful day...
Without speed, I fall. Without shoes, I walk. Without love, I die. Without faith, I fail. Without family, I'm alone. Without fans, I'm invincible.
Nothing gets in the way of a blue blur and a big smile.
There are heroes who save many people. Then, it's superheroes with super powers. Humans, not so much, and I just might be one of them. It's ok though, because I could save people in different ways.
It takes skill for a class. It takes  a dream to believe. It takes a ball for a hoop. It takes a goal to succeed. It takes EVERYTHING for a man who can jump.
The car has driven through the drive-thru.The guy gives the other guy its food.The smell...and the look."Hello, glorious hamburger."
Life sometimes include hate. Life sometimes include hurt. Life sometimes include idea that. And there's only one solution to this...