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PONIES!!! - The compilation

By Turag
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All PONIES!!! pages plus some extras, put together in a zip. Click the download button to get it.
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Wher's the download button?
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It's the regular download button on the right side. DeviantArt lets you put random files instead of the drawing itself.
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Thank you very much, Turag. I can not put in words how much fun I've had with your ponies.
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I went through and read the whole thing from the beginning again. I've been following this comic from around the first few posts. It was really fun to read them all back to back. And realize how much I enjoyed the whole thing. Thanks Turag, I enjoyed it so much!
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Very nice. Thanks for doing this.
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I clicked it! Oh No!
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You broke it!
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I'm sorry! So Sorry! May be a little glue? Can I kiss it better? I can fix it! Ok, no...I can't fix it....I think I made it worse...oh dear.
Um, Muffin?
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Don't mention it. I know how tiresome is to save a webcomic.
So, what's your next plan? New comic series, perhaps?
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Art-wise, my plan is to do illustrations. Until now, I started my comics depending on if I was able to draw them at all or not. I have to change that.
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Well then... I didn't see an ending coming :P Thanks for the ride, it has been fun. I'll definitely reread the thing. Cheers.
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Thanks for reading it again in advance, then!
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wow and im wondering in see all comics.. really you save a lot time!!
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You're not the boss of me, Trixie!
Rainbow-Gale's avatar

Actually it’s the tiny Twilight in her hoof saying that.

SFaccountant's avatar

Oh. Well, okay. She IS the boss of me.

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The power of Turag compels you!
So much effort for your readers? My amazement is yours to command!

... whatever merit that grants you, I dunno.
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