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PONIES!!! - 42
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Published: May 5, 2013
Sorry, I was too busy drawing silly faces to draw Pinkie and Dash.

Proofread by :iconrefferee: [link]

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Lyra reminds me of trolldad.

:iconmlptrixieplz: "lyra i'm hungry."
:iconmlplyraplz: "nice to meet you, Hungry."
:icontrixiecondescendsplz: "lyra I'm serious."
:iconseductivelyraplz: "I thought you were Hungry!"
:icontrixieangryplz: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?"
:iconhappylyraplz: "No trixie..."
:iconlyracrazyfaceplz: "I'm Lyra."
:icontrixieohohplz: "..."
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RubyW32Hobbyist Digital Artist
You made my day xD
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Applejack123456Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AlexKazhdanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hah! :lol:
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Oh my god Lyra is just the best! XD
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TheDemonOfSlothStudent Digital Artist
Lyra's face at the last three panels... :rofl:
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Sandwich-AnomalyHobbyist Digital Artist
i have seen the answer... yet know not the question... kitty kitty!
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Now we need the bottom half.
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thatrevmansHobbyist General Artist
Lyra's face in the last 3 panels.

Can't. stop. laughing.
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thanks for pointing that out, now I can't ether...
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thatrevmansHobbyist General Artist
sorry XD
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MikkilleribHobbyist Artist
TG'n'P Trixie: why did the two first ponies to enter the store have to be a part of the mane six?
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Yeah. What kind of grown up buys toys, anyway?
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MikkilleribHobbyist Artist
there are several people, that according to my knowledge, buys lego sets just to have them all and with some regular bricks, create a whole environment for the sets to be arranged a way, so that it looks like they are doing something.
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SaphinProfessional Traditional Artist
I like it better that you don't see Pinkie or Rainbow Dash! It ads more to Lyra and Trixie's characters, I think
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You explained it better than me XD
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DigoraccoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, come on Trixie, you can't hide forever. :D
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Mayve, but they can't live forever. HAHAHAHAHAHA! :icontrixierapefaceplz:
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