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PONIES!!! - 150

By Turag
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And that was PONIES!!!

I have finished some comics by now and I know a couple of things. First, Calvin & Hobbes ending keeps being my favorite ending. Second, Dover's old songs sounds good for goodbyes (even if the lyrics doesn't fit). But I never know what to say, so I'll ramble a bit and say whatever comes to my mind.

It has been a ride, hasn't it? I have some unused jokes and I could squeeze another 50 pages, but after almost three years I have said everything I had to say. It has been fun and making another year worth of comics would be fun too, but I wouldn't be saying anything new and furthermore, I wouldn't be making a comic about MLP, but a comic with some characters from MLP. Which is fine! But not what I want to do. I prefer to keep working on my other comics that aren't about MLP.

What will I do? Maybe I'll make a new MLP comic. Maybe I'll edit the fic I left almost finished before starting PONIES!!! Maybe I'll keep going with my own projects. Maybe I'll do drawings instead of comics for a time. But before I make a decision I know I'll take a break for a while. The last three years I've been working on four different comics at the same time. That's crazy. And I'm tired. I want to lay off, watch some movies and play some games, dammit.

Before the curtain falls for good, I have some gifts. First, a drawing of Princess Hornlestia and her creator, which I forgot to upload for months. Uops. Second, the whole comic zipped in... a zip file... in case you want to read it again. Third, some recomendations to fill my place: To Her Surprise is the best MLP fic I have read. Good as in "Past Sins, The Eternal and Background Pony are good and all, but I would buy a To Her Surprise copy if I ever see one in a book store". That kind of good. Twilight's First Day, on the other hand, is probably the best MLP comic I have seen. The way muffinshire draws comics makes me want to read Understanding Comics and Making comics again and again to get as good as him. Finally, Neverending Story isn't a MLP fan-something, but you should read it. Even if you already read it. If you are an author or love fantasy in general, odds are you will love it.

Okay, I think that was enough. It has been real, it has been fun. Goodbye and thank you for everything.
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Well then. I can't say exactly what I expected this to be when I started reading it, but it certainly wasn't this. It started off randomly enough, but developed into something rather solid with a decent amount of continuity (while maintaining some level of randomness). And it actually ended - not because the author suddenly stopped updating it, not because it was put on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time, but because the story was, essentially, over. I'll admit that I haven't read many web comics, so my experience may be a little distorted, but I honestly did not expect the story to have a real ending.

Aside from being a pleasant surprise and just an enjoyable story in general, it also referenced some great songs I hadn't heard (of) before; I especially like "American Pie".
Turag's avatar
I have read hundreds of webcomics over the years and only a handful of them have an ending. They are like superhero comics and shonens in that regard. They never, ever end.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked my silly crazy webcomic. It makes me feel a little less crazy for drawing this strange story XD
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And that's end? I feel so...
EmptyRainbow sad 
Turag's avatar
I'm 'fraid so. But hey! You always can read it again!
Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed the comic, even if reaching the end was bittersweet.
kuronekoking's avatar
thank you for that wonderful story. I laughed a lot, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you, and I hope our paths cross again.
Turag's avatar
Haha, still feels a tad weird to see my silly stories described as wonderful. Well, thank you for reading! I'm glad you liked it ^^
RubyCast's avatar
Awww! It's sad to see it over, but also fulfilling. 150 pages is a lot. I don't know what else to say except good job and I'm looking forward to whatever projects you have next. 
Turag's avatar
Don't worry, you said plenty enough. Thank you!
Saddust's avatar
A finished comic ??? I didn't know it existed on the Internet ! Congrats (^v^)
It's been fun to read, and I love the ending.
Turag's avatar
I know right? I love webcomics, but you get used pretty soon to never see them end in their own. I'm glad you liked it, thank you!
HareTrinity's avatar
Somehow missed this at the time, but I've found it now!

It's a shame to see the series end, but that's better than it becoming an abandoned project. Here's hoping you move onto fun new stuff! :)
Turag's avatar
I'm glad you didn't miss it, even if it took you a while. Reading a comic isn't a race, anyway.

I should move to new things at some point, but right now I'm in the "I forgot how to draw humans again" and "It's too hot" phases. Both issues have a solution, fortunately.
wait rartiy has a nose but the others dont or am i insane 
Turag's avatar
Don't worry, she does. You should worry about the explanation, though. She got the nose implanted so she could consume cocaine more easily.
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First rule of Never Ending Story, there is no forth wall. That's why I love it.

Ponies was great. Thank you for that.

It would be great if someone, anyone, did a fan comic about Trixie's childhood. There is a subtext where Rarity hated Trixie from something that happened when they were foals. My theory is that there was a cutey pageant circuit that both were involved in. Trixie tried to use magic to win it. Celestia outlawed all such pageants because of that.
Turag's avatar
It would be a change from the usual, that's for sure. Most stories about Trixie's past picture her as either an orphan or a kid who fled from home and started her career in the streets or a former Celestia's student shadowed by Twilight's success. Not bad per se, but a little variety is the spice of life.
Icelord2314's avatar
Bravo monsieur, bravoClap .  Can't wait to see what you do next.
Turag's avatar
Thank you, thank you *bows* *hits his head on the table* Dangabit!
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I don't leave a lot of comments on dA, but I feel like I probably should for this; I'm going to miss it. I loved the light humour and the simplistic and colourful art style, and I really hope you continue making good content that'll brighten my day with whatever future projects you choose to undertake.

Thanks for all the fun, and although this may not seem like a lot, this comic sure meant a lot to me :thumbsup:
Turag's avatar
I'm always astonished when I read this kind of comments. We authors (or me, at least) never do things thinking you'll touch people that way. So, thanks!? It means something, buddy.
WelfvonEhrwald's avatar
No more pones? Now very sad No, I disagree!

Great comic, I liked it a lot :) (Smile) 
Turag's avatar
When you get sad when something ends it's good in it's own way, I suposse. Thank you!
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