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PONIES!!! - 147

By Turag
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You have no idea how much time I've been waiting to say why Trixie uses her hooves instead of her horn. Today, I'm free at last.

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JojoDaggerback's avatar
Because she has 4 hooves and only one horn, Duh!
How can someone play with only one doll, It is so obvious Snips Rainbow Dash (rainbow imitating twilight) plz 
Kalavekter's avatar
Hope you also make a money ? you keep sure you can afford drawing those strips in your future free time ... if you want to keep making them of course... also congrats you are inspiring.
n0tsaved's avatar
That reasoning for her hooves deserved Snails snickering in response. That was a good secret to hold in. I've always loved the outside story of how Trixie is growing, it's really sweet and endearing. 
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Makes sense to me. XD
Drakenhof's avatar
Good reason. And I like that part of "we define our cutie marks"
SFaccountant's avatar
This has been your Trixie Moment.
Stay thirsty, bronies.
ROCuevas's avatar
Wise words from Trixie.
MGlitch's avatar
You're never free. You'll always be bound by the chains of comic making. You'll never stop making comics. When you do your life will end and all will stop. Trixie will use magic and end the word. To keep the world in mustn't give up you chains but wear them and keep making comics.
Wait that was too deep. I think Gummy is rubbing off on me.
.... why so gloomy?
MGlitch's avatar
Because I'm an alligator without a cutie mark and I would like one.
Tear it away from somepony's flank.
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