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PONIES!!! - 144

By Turag
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There was a pony with constipation problems in the restroom when Twilight came in. She no longer has such problems.

Proofread by :iconrefferee:… and :icontrixie-j-lulamoon:
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Hahaha, poor Lyra. XD

And drats, STILL waiting for Trixie to actually confront any of the Mane6.
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Twilight's in the bush?
DaviDark-TheGunter's avatar
she is using an invisibility spell
StargazeAndSundance's avatar
Trixie's bad luck jumped over to Lyra. Not as planned, Lyra. NOT as planned.
FralLeman's avatar
Hahah, Lyra, you crazy!

Also, Rainbow's face is already on everything.  How do you think she can afford that sweet sky house, or pay for all the damage she does to the world?
Team-Friction's avatar
SFaccountant's avatar
Lyra, you're such a kook. Talking to "invisible ponies", sure.
Krazylec's avatar
My god, the flowers on these bushes are changing colors!
The0takuX's avatar
That's what happens when a princess uses them as a restroom
Turag's avatar
I love this SO HARD
Krazylec's avatar
Funny, but eww.
Mu10's avatar
:icontwilightsparkleplz: I went to the restroom cause I AM convenient.
Drakenhof's avatar
"Elegant muzzle". Yeah. xD
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