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PONIES!!! - 143

By Turag
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Come on, Twi. You were so close this time.

Proofread by :iconrefferee:… and :icontrixie-j-lulamoon:
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RubyW32's avatar
I love how you never show the mane 6!
Turag's avatar
I'll be honest, I run out of ideas to keep the mane six off-panel by that point XD

Also, excuse for not replying to your other comments, but I'm really glad you enjoyed the comic. I bet it was quite the ride XD
GothGuru's avatar
They have a jail? The closed the one under Canterlot.
Mikkillerib's avatar
The other ponies will probably just think Lyra is crazy if they look at her outside hearing distance.
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Oh Lyra, overreacting much?
SFaccountant's avatar
And now Twilight is conveniently invisible.
What excuse will the artist comes up with not to draw the NEXT Element of Harmony to actually have a real presence in the story? Stay tuned!
Krazylec's avatar
Applejack is wearing an even bigger hat than usual.
Rainbow Dash is lounging on a cloud above as she speaks.
Fluttershy is hidden by a bunch of animals.
Rarity... uh... I got nothin'. Fashion statement, maybe?
SFaccountant's avatar
(Voice from within a giant curtain suspended by a parasol):iconsays3plz:These are ALL the rage in Prance right now!:iconsays3eplz:
Krazylec's avatar
Applejack was offscreen, Pinkie was under the table, Rainbow (and Pinkie) was offscreen, and Twilight was invisible. Conclusion - Turag is making effort to not draw the non-doll elements of harmony. Interesting stylistic choice.
I was so busy commenting on the fact the elements of harmony are always not visible, I forgot to mention - Twilight being invisible and already sitting next to Lyra is hilarious!
ROCuevas's avatar
LOL. Lyra you so protective of Trixie.
Mu10's avatar
Why does Lyra think Trixie is going to jail?
AnnieRoshino's avatar
Because she think Trixie is doing horrible things
Mu10's avatar
jotunnheimar's avatar
Because Trixie makes really negative stories about sunbutt
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