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Journal History

So, I checked the survey that I done months ago and the price section left me confused.

Am I... charging my clients too high? I mean yeah sure, I have read the 5 Volume of Journal about how to open commissions and stuff but apparently I still can't find the silver lining, the journal told me to use /hour for the pricing but that would be ridiculous. :'(
As you would've know, I increased the prices to it's current state because a person told me to because I would destroy the market If i charge my drawings too low, but the thing is... I'm worried that people don't want to commission me again If the price is too high. :'(

And, anyway, here's the results of the survey that I created months ago, the pricing sections.

168 by Tupperwave

169 by Tupperwave

I'm actually flattered and surprised because some people willing to pay those high prices for my art, but I'm not surprised there are people who willing to pay below my current prices too because I know that I'm garbage anyway... :( (Sad) ... Just kidding hahahhaa! (But who dislikes cheap and free art anyway hahahahaha, of course everyone wants cheap or free art whenever they can! :D :D :D )

So yeah, actually, $50-$70 for a drawing is a high number for me, it could feed me for almost a month! (Eating 3 times a day only cost me around $3-4)

But yeah, the "Am I setting my prices right?" still haunts me even until now, If i set the prices too low, I will crash the art market but If i set the prices too high, nobody will come I guess. :( (Sad) 

I don't really know at this point hahahhaa but I'm very grateful that my current batch is full, It's just i need to work on it faster! 


Comic #1 Sneak Peek.
I hope the small thumbnail will avoid this picture from deletion hahaha, I just want to share with you guys that I have finished all of my comic sketches, all is left is to complete the lineart and color it.

The story is cheesy and the anatomy is broken (Some people told me to fix how I handle anatomy, but I guess I did the opposite now. :D ) but who cares about anatomy in 2D world anyway, I just want to fulfill and release my inner sexual fantasy! anatomy accuracy could go **** themselves! :D 
(Phew, I finally said it, I was somehow frustrated because people complains about my drawing's anatomy)

But yeah, here you go! I'll try to finish these before march ends! :) 
Anyone interested in checking my Comic's WIP, you can head to my Patreon!
Patreon Comic Project - First Page Sketch.
I was thinking of making another Patreon exclusive content that didn't require me to do some intensive and specific coloring (Because my tablet is very inaccurate during coloring right now.) 
I figure out that a comic (Or you could say picture with story in my case hahahaha) is a good idea since I didn't need a lot of coloring :)
So yeah, here's the first page sketch! I haven't finished the whole chapter, I'll try to finish the chapter this March. :) 

The comic will only have 4-5 pages for 1 story/chapter I guess, but If the reception is good, I'm gonna continue making this with different characters in the future, you could expect me making 1 chapter/month because I still need to do commissions. :)
(I'll make different version for my OCs in the future, after I'm done with my OC's, I'll start to pick characters from anime or games. :) ) But be cautions though, I will include a lot of Prostitution sex for this!
IF ONLY the reception is good, If not, I'm gonna disband the project and return to normal Illustrations and commissions. :D

(This comic format is inspired by Metal Owl's) 

So, since I make this mainly for my Patreon, what version the public gets?
I already think some of the possibilities.

Patreon Version:

- Uncensored.
- Colored. (Simple of course, flat with a little bit of shading)
- Downloadable Full resolution.
- Gets the whole chapter with no missing pages

Public Pixiv Version:

- Censored.
- Black and white (Probably with no shading at all but we'll see.)
- Missing pages, probably the last page or last two pages. (Since I will try to keep the comic consistent for having 4 pages/chapter, probably the public can't see only the last page, but I guarantee the sexual interactions starts at 2nd or 3rd page.)
- Watermarked. 

So yeah, that's about it! I still need to redeem myself for my Patreon failure last year, that's why now I want to create as many content as possible for my Patreon!

And also, If any one of you donates money through my Patreon, please stick with me until the end of the month to enjoy some of my content! last week and this week I have 2 person that donated money to me and they just left instantly after that, It just doesn't felt right, to receive money for nothing... 
So, IF one of you interested of donating me money through Patreon, please donate it at the beginning of the month and unsubscribe at the end of the month, I want you to at least enjoy my content for the whole month! 
But nevertheless, Thank you so much for donating, It helps me to get new tablet faster, I'll be sure to remember your help forever.

And for commissions... I'm still struggling with it, I'll try to find another tablet to borrow.

I guess that's about it! :D 
I'm currently struggling with my current tablet, just like what I said before, It makes me work like a snail, I could work fast by using brute force but It would sacrifice my patience and probably quality of my drawing because my tablet always loses It's pressure after 30-40 minutes of use, and It's not very accurate anymore. (The pressure and accuracy) I had to reset the driver when that happens or my laptop, or even I should plug the cable off and put it back again, the problem is random, I still don't know why.
The damage is not lethal because I could still use it, but even for myself, as a person who rarely gets irritated or even angry, I find that my current tablet is annoying and troublesome. :'(
This problems already occurred since last year (I already wrote it at my previous journals) but I could borrow my friend's tablet at that time, I was using my friend's tablet for working on the circle's project, but sadly, I had to return them back recently.
So, I don't really know what I should do, I'm kinda... upset.
I could buy a $100 tablet (XP-Pen Deco 02), but there is a tablet monitor that is affordable, which is the XP-Pen Artist 12 (It's around $380 here) I wanted to buy that since it was first released because It's stealthy and I could work on R-18 works faster because my family such as Mother, Father and Nephew won't be able to see what I draw clearly (I'm currently drawing with a huge 24" Monitor, my mother could see everything from across the barn) It also has good reviews, at first I was thinking "Oh, I can afford that after I finished all of my commission." but back then, I was still using my friend's tablet, without thinking that I had to return the tablet again since he said that he doesn't need the tablet but dang, reality is different.
If I buy the Deco 02, It would be a great delay for me from the Artist 12 and the price margin is not that high here in my country. (If I'm using Indonesian Rupiah [IDR], the Deco 02 costs IDR 1,5Million and the Artist 12 is more or less IDR 4,8Million, for me, the differences is not that much.)
So, I'm just gonna write my excuses here, again.
I'm working on commissions very slow because of my tablet so I need to ask patience from everyone who ordered commission from me, I also need to focus on Patreon first, because there is a person who generously support me with $50/month, and I don't want to upset him.
I still need to secure my Patrons's trust, that's why I need to create content for them first, I WISH I could work on everything at the same time, I just wish that my tablet is still in perfect condition.
(Like i said before, many of my patrons left because I was lacking content, I want to change all that.)
I just... I hope you guys understand... I have never been so upset and confused.
I'm terribly sorry If i working on things slowly.
I wanted to make another OC, but I already got my hands full. (And I want to avoid creating nameless characters as much as possible.)
But I just realized I didn't have any a 100% Japanese OC with Japanese name, I guess she could be my new OC, I wanted an OC with hime cut so bad hahahhaa. :D 
I wanted to finish this at the weekend, but I happened to attend my cousin's wedding so it got held up but hey! I finished it now. :D
And the drawing is inspired by one of "Devil Carnival' card, Devil Carnival is a R-18 card game that is hosted by

And a little bit of updates, this drawing is for my Patrons along with the nude version because fyi, I paused my Patreon for 3-4 months last year because of my RL conditions, and I want to change all that, I want to pay attention to my Patreon whenever I can because many people came and go because I rarely gave them content. (But I don't mind though! people can support me for a month only if they want to!)
And I need people who support me financially because I need money for new tablet.
So yeah, I'm gonna resume the commissions now, It seems a couple of people asked me about it hahaha. :D

But I'm gonna be blunt, I'm working like a snail right now, my tablet is really messed up right now, It always loses it's pressure after 30-40 minutes of use and I always had to reset the tablet when that happens, and the accuracy is also became worse, so yeah, bear with me. :'( :'( 

And Like i said before, I provided the nude version of this drawing on my patreon!


Tupperwave's Profile Picture
An Indonesian that loves 2D tiddies more than anything.
I'm still learning to draw, draw tiddies and just like that.

I upload things to Pixiv regularly, so it's best that you follow my pixiv too since sometimes i forgot to upload something here.

Pixiv Link:…

Comments and feedbacks are welcome, i really appreciate every piece of comments and feedbacks! :)
People, if you comment on my drawings, it means a lot for me, like literally. It's just i love interacting with people, heck probably we could start a short conversation here hahahaha!
So please if you can, you can speak up your mind regarding my drawings, whether you think my drawing is F***** up, weird etc. xD

And please like my FB page too, thank you!

If you're interested of supporting me, support me here on Ko-Fi!

Buy Me a Coffee at



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