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UNFINISHED/ABANDONDED - WailMasters by tupelocase UNFINISHED/ABANDONDED - WailMasters :icontupelocase:tupelocase 0 0
The Shameless Rocketeer
The utter and inescapable freedom it gave was more than enough to cause pause in my mind.  However, this reprieve lasted only briefly as I continued to soar ever upwards, my path constructing itself before me on either side.  Far, far below me lie my past grievances, chief among them a neglected entity crying out for nothing more than a glance.  Its impact in this device’s construction was certainly not minimal, but the form it takes is no longer within the realm of my influence.  No, its place in this is long gone.  My climb towards the unobtainable goal has begun, and nothing will survive it, instead exploding in a glorious light show all around, embracing me before accepting its inevitable end.  Cries of pain fail to reach my ears, halted early by my own aspirations.  Should any part of who I am survive this ascent, nothing it ever accomplished will have earned it the right, everything of worth having been expended as fuel, used up like all t
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Sturr Curr by tupelocase Sturr Curr :icontupelocase:tupelocase 2 4
To Relate is a Luxury
Everyday my beliefs and passions are belittled and disregarded into the far reaches of people’s minds.  I bear it, as all must do, but the matter presses on me harder than any other issue I am able to comprehend.  Words of malice, hate, and various forms of jealousy fly towards my form at a consistent rate.  Of course, many well intended and well composed phrases spoken for the sole purpose of bettering me are said, but they are few and far between, while also completely missing who I am and what I am all about.
Many people who hear me utter sounds and form them into ideas do so with nothing but loathing and discontent on their minds.  Others are able to see a glimpse of the hope and hopelessness that lies beneath.  The precious few comprehend the whole spectrum, but those people are far from me now and unimaginably hard to come by.  For now I do what I can, pouring myself into what outlets I am able, hoping beyond healthy measure to find those rare
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UNFINISHED/ABANDONED - Hello Henry by tupelocase UNFINISHED/ABANDONED - Hello Henry :icontupelocase:tupelocase 0 1
Sword II
♪ - Sword II - KOZILEK
The sword had become entwined with my left hand.  I never put it there myself but its low orange glow is always present at the edge of my vision, cutting through the darkness.  Every step reveals yet another orange tinted piece of scrap metal, hour after hour.
A solitary low hum emanates from the weapon, accompanying each metallic clang of my feet, treading over a sea of steel parts.  Nothing I stepped on felt it pertinent to complain or even react to my weight bearing down upon it.  For a fleeting moment my mind allows me to imagine that I am truly alone, treading through a wasteland with nothing to observe my passing, but this is a foolish notion.  Surrounding me are soft robotic eyes, sometimes tracking my location, sometimes avoiding it, others locked in a never-ending stare, all unable to escape their metal prisons.  I have no choice but to ignore them and press on, dwelling in the past leads to no good thoughts.
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Snekmen by tupelocase Snekmen :icontupelocase:tupelocase 1 0 UNFINISHED/ABANDONED - The Tome of Existence by tupelocase UNFINISHED/ABANDONED - The Tome of Existence :icontupelocase:tupelocase 0 5 UNFINISHED/ABANDONED - Whoosh by tupelocase UNFINISHED/ABANDONED - Whoosh :icontupelocase:tupelocase 0 0 Sachemup: Shooty Shooty Bang Bang by tupelocase Sachemup: Shooty Shooty Bang Bang :icontupelocase:tupelocase 1 4 My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 17 by tupelocase My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 17 :icontupelocase:tupelocase 1 2 Joy is a Shark by tupelocase Joy is a Shark :icontupelocase:tupelocase 4 2 My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 16 by tupelocase My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 16 :icontupelocase:tupelocase 1 0 My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 15 by tupelocase My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 15 :icontupelocase:tupelocase 1 1 My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 14 by tupelocase My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 14 :icontupelocase:tupelocase 0 0 My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 13 by tupelocase My Little Pony: Dracadia - Page 13 :icontupelocase:tupelocase 0 3


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I've come a remarkable distance from my views on game creation as a child.  Snekmen showed me that, definitively, execution trumps a "great idea."  I consider it to be my best game by a wide margin and it started with the least interesting and most vague idea I've ever gone with: "I want to make a simple stealth game but limit the screen to 5 tiles wide and 6 tiles long."  This resulted in me having a completely playable version of the game in a little under two days, with four simple levels and only the first enemy type.

Immediately I began shoving this build in people's faces as much as humanly possible.  Both friends and strangers, gamers and the dexterity challenged.  I learned very quickly what wasn't obvious and what was too ridiculously hard since I only responded with stoicism should any questions come my way.  Because it was so simple, through quick iteration I was able design the game in such a way that most people could play, understand and beat the game with no help from me, while the game never explicitly explained its innards.

I definitely failed in this aspect in many regards, the most glaring being that the triangles are the goal.  Regardless, my mother was able to complete the game with no help from me asides explaining that the floating pieces of unearthly beauty are indeed what she should strive for.

In stark contrast with Snekmen, almost everything I've worked on prior started out with a strong idea.  Mix snake with an RTS where you act as the mediator between two factions, or blow a box around a massive desert where all of the human artifacts are peculiarly large children's toys (I admit that last one is insane, but I still find it hilarious).  These panned out horribly, as I was striving to achieve this very specific and flawed image some part of my strange and elusive mind concocted.  With Snekmen, the plan was vague, so I was able to simply make a playable game, see what worked and what I liked, and iterate the hell out of it.  This method let me achieve about 5000% more work in the same amount of time I spent on this horrific beast.

So while I can't say I'll approach every game this way in the future, it's definitely a very powerful way to learn a tremendous amount while doing work very similar to chiseling away at a slab of marble, instead of shaping an already formed statue into another, less appealing shape.


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