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Western Front 1918

acrylics 2012.

Top left: Soldier on sentry duty during a gas attack, wearing a Sappenpanzer m/17 body armour. Western Front, winter 1918.
Top right: Stosstruppe from an assault platoon, Aisne, June 1918. Stormtrooper is wearing a steel helmet, with fitted hessian cover. He is armed with Bergmann Maschinenpistole m/18 and a stick grenade.
Middle: Lys, April 1918. In the foreground, German ligh machinegunners, armed with Maschinengewehr 08/15 provide support to the assaulting infantry. One of the men is wearing m/18 steel helmet, identified by cut-out sides. Also supporting is a Beutepanzer, a captured British tank put in to German service.
Bottom: German two-man crew with their Mauser Tankgewehr m/18, a 13 mm anti-tank rifle waiting for their enemy, near Bapaume, late August 1918. Both tank hunters are wearing their steel helmets painted with Lozenge camouflage scheme, according to regulation of summer 1918. The observer also has Stirnpanzer, extra frontal armoured plate strapped in front of his helmet.
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This is a great work, Thank you for being the few who dont use this for furry foot porn

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Thank you. I try not to. :)

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Awesome drawing featuring WWI battles!

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Wow!! So detailed and realistic!!
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Excellent series of images. From the naieve start with all the men lined up in their pretty uniforms, to these hardened veterans.
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Great depictions of the western front through the war. Would a similar series for the eastern front be of interest?
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
In fact, it would! Good idea, if I only had time for personal projects.
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Cool, love the sentry with the body armor and the Stormtrooper.
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Cool stormtroopers and equipment. Tough crowd!
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MP18? is that even real? to my knowledge, there were NO SMG's in WW1
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The MP 18 primarily served in final stages of World War I in 1918, especially in the so-called Kaiserschlacht offensive. At least 5,000 MP 18.1s were built and used during World War I, based upon observed serial number ranges of captured weapons; however, it is possible that up to 10,000 were built for the war. Though production was outlawed by the Treaty of Versailles, manufacture continued in secret into the early 1920s, as the final production total (again, based upon observed serial numbers) ended at around 35,000.

this was taken from wikipedia this is to answer your question on the mp-18.
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this image captures the horror of warfare in the 20th century.

have we learned anything from this conflict?

But this image reminds me of the the painting in old books about the conflict.

makes me feel nostalgic 
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have we learned anything from WWI? probably not
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The guy with the gas mask as amazing
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They called it lobster armour
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True best art for Remarque book. You can make a book with these illustrations.
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I went to a militaria exhibit last year and I was very impressed to see that they had a Mauser anti-tank rifle in pristine condition. Wouldn't give it to me for free, the selfish so-and-so's....
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