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Western Front 1918



acrylics 2012.

Top left: Soldier on sentry duty during a gas attack, wearing a Sappenpanzer m/17 body armour. Western Front, winter 1918.
Top right: Stosstruppe from an assault platoon, Aisne, June 1918. Stormtrooper is wearing a steel helmet, with fitted hessian cover. He is armed with Bergmann Maschinenpistole m/18 and a stick grenade.
Middle: Lys, April 1918. In the foreground, German ligh machinegunners, armed with Maschinengewehr 08/15 provide support to the assaulting infantry. One of the men is wearing m/18 steel helmet, identified by cut-out sides. Also supporting is a Beutepanzer, a captured British tank put in to German service.
Bottom: German two-man crew with their Mauser Tankgewehr m/18, a 13 mm anti-tank rifle waiting for their enemy, near Bapaume, late August 1918. Both tank hunters are wearing their steel helmets painted with Lozenge camouflage scheme, according to regulation of summer 1918. The observer also has Stirnpanzer, extra frontal armoured plate strapped in front of his helmet.
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This is a great work, Thank you for being the few who dont use this for furry foot porn