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The Forest of Long Necks

acrylics 2010,
trio of Mamenchisaurus youngi browsing.
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PHGHGHT's avatar
Tus dibujos son increíbles y muy bien detallados
CasparySmith's avatar
It reminds me of the opening of the Land Before Time.
diebruder's avatar
me gusta el detalle de los voladores
william023's avatar
I love mamenchiosaurus.
PedroGomesSilva's avatar
The colors you used are very realistic, despite the fact that we have never seen a dinosaur before. Great Work! Waiting for paleontological updates
Lunchi's avatar
This reminds me a lot of both Jurassic Park and the first scenes in A Land before Time. I like how you painted one with mouth open and the tongue curled like reaching for a branch and the flying pterosaurs make it even more interesting to look at. I also like the colors you chose.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thank you very much :)
Gastrolito's avatar
Beautiful. Your palaeo work is turning more and more poetic.
Kakarotho's avatar
Sphenacodon's avatar
Just gorgeous. Then again, Mamenchisaurus was a very photogenic animal...

The necks look really good here, in terms of reconstruction.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thank you :) People are divided about the neck posture, so this required much browsing through sources and references.
Sphenacodon's avatar
Well, sauropods most likely had reasonably flexible necks to maximize their feeding envelope, but there was no reason for them not to have held them in this position at some point or other. :)
Paleo-King's avatar
Love this painting.

It's true that a vertical posture was biologically more likely and required less strain to maintain, but I think the diagonal posture you painted here actually gives the painting a lot more beauty and depth.

And that's pretty hard to do in my book. I'm downright amazed :) I can just imagine them walking through the mist of a Jurassic morning in Sichuan province, as the dew collects on their necks.
DinoHunter000's avatar
Just a beauty of a painting! Still unsure about the whole ''sauropod necks'' debate. I read about Naish's paper last year saying that they were habitually raised all the time, but I think the necks of a rabbit and sauropod are still quite a difference!! But anyways, this pic is perfect.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
True. Like I mentioned to ~Sphenacodon there, this causes debate. I came to conclusion that the neck was actually lighter than it appears and evolutionally great engineering.
Some illustrate then with brachiosaur-type posture, but I personally believe the truth lies somewhere in between.
hyphenatedsuperhero's avatar
Nice. Very much akin to the classical reconstructions of sauropods (well, not that classical, but still, the 90's recontructions had a lot of impact on me).
And on top of ti, of Mamenchisaurus, one of my favourite sauropods.
PavelKirilovich's avatar
Paleogiraffe? :P

Good job on this, combines your ability to capture forest gloom with paleoart. I like the detail on the second-from-front Mamenchisaurus youngi's (perkele...) head. Good idea adding the small flying critters - what are they?
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thank you. The copy shop seem to have ruined the slight hint of light beams on the right (looks grey to me now).
The flyers are some sort of rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs. When I did them I was thinking of Angustinaripterus which was present in the Jurassic China. Possibly the same guys here and here.
PavelKirilovich's avatar
Very good. And yes, you're right, the copyshop managed to corrupt the light slightly.
MadMagpie's avatar
Hitsi, alan ymmärtää miksi Petokaivin -firmalla on dinosauri logossaan :D.
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