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Real King Kong

acrylics 2012,
Panthera tigris carefully lying in ambush for Gigantopithecus blacki in the forests of Pleistocene Southeast Asia.
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The primate fossil record is far from complete, and sadly, it may never be. The natural habitat for primates is inconducive for fossil preservation, which is why we only ever find skull fragments, jawbones and teeth at best. For all we know, there could have been members of the gorilla family who grew just as large as Giganto. Hell, we were lucky we even found Giganto at all!

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Even if the Tiger was in the same weight class he still couldn’t take down one of these tough Apes 
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 One gets the feeling this is a Tiger weighing his chances and finding them woefully underweight at present; old Pappy Kong in the background there looks more than capable of turning a tiger into a real pussycat ... or a throw rug.
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Well, looks like the planes got em
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don't wanna sound awesomebro but I think a Gigantopithecus would completely OWN a tiger's ass in a fight.
I think that pussy is about to get a lickin
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The tiger was probably one of the few carnivores, other than the extinct cave lion, that could take down an adult Gigantopithecus,but still that would require a stealthy ambush attack, a grown male would have been a dangerous opponent in a frontal attack.
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Epic Picture ! :D
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 Giant tiger hunting giant orangutan. Great job
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Pleistocene tigers were pretty huge, and certainly could have hunted Gigantopithecus.
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Hi.this art is really great. Just i have a question about this art? Are you sure that modern tigers was in that time with this giant apes and don't you think that it's better to draw trinil tiger on there? And another question that please answer the think this giant apes how many times are more powerful than modern gorillas? Please answer this question I am really waiting for your answer my friend. Thank you a million.
I don't know if they live with tigers or not, but second question is that Gigantopithecus was three times bigger than modern gorillas and five times bigger than modern orangutans
Nicely done.
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Awesome bub love this did u know many cryptozoologists hypothize that Sasquatch is a decendant of this very creature
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Impossible, because sasquach walks upright, and leaves human-like footprints.
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but we have no skeletal structure of Gigantopithecus except for teeth and a few Jaw fragments so it is possible for sasquatch to be descendants of this ape and their is no scientific evidence to prove otherwise until we find a full skeleton of either or both
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Sasquatch is from North America, Gigantopithecus is from Asia
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Their was a land bride mammoths got here from Aisa and so did humans why couldn't a massive ape
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large TROPICAL primate not a TEMPERATE beast, besides why go freeze when you can just sit back and eat some fruit?
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Some paleantologists hypothesize that it spent some time in the relative safety of the mountains. If that was true, then it would have been able to survive northern temperatures.
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Yeah there is no proof of any primate, aside from Humanoids, to do large migrations through continents and land bridges
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their are a number of reasons food could have been scarce in the area which would trigger a migration of some of the animals why would a tropical animal like humans decide to go to North America the point is neither of us can find proof to support our beliefs on this possibility and with the #'s of sightings of sasquatch for over three thousand years their has to be something and gigantopithecus makes since due to similar size which is the only thing they can decern about the creature from the fossil teeth they have and that could be with a wide margin of error considering primate teeth to body ratio do vary not by a huge amount but enough to add or subtract 1-2 feet from this creatures stature making it seem even more likely to be the 8-10 foot Sasquatch or a close relative of it I'm not saying 100% this is fact but it is a very high probability if the creature exists it is most likely a close relation
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to first prove that this is true one must first capture a sasquatch and i'm pretty sure that it is a cryptid, but i must give credit since you've done your research to back up your theory
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