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Pinacosaurus grangeri

ink & digital coloration 2008.

No, this doesn't mean that I'm going digital, no way!
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You don't want to be a digital artist, but you're still pretty damn good ;)
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very good....

the bird in the Horn.... very cool... hehe..
great job!

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Well... as allways I really like bouth of the images!!!

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Nonetheless it turned out really well digitally Tuomas
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I think it turned out "OK", but like I have stated several times, I'm not switching into digital art. I'll keep working on traditional mediums and keep praising great talents (such as you) in that group :D
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Thanks Tuomas.

I've daubled a bit in the digital art realm myself but I just couldn't imagine switching from my traditional art either .. It's just way more satisfying to me to actually create it with only my own two hands. I am blown away by what some digital artists can do ... but it's not for me.

Guess we're both just old school ... haha
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So frickin' happy to see a thyreophoran in my watch list...Beautiful artwork!:heart:
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Tottakai, elämä liitukaudella oli niin nastaa! :thumbsup:
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Great. (The birds are a cool detail)
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I like both! The digital turned out really would be cool if you did more digital like this.
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Very nice, I like the detailing, and the birds add a very nice touch.

Don't go digital permanently though, your traditional art is so good! ;)
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No way! I leave digital art to those who enjoy doing it more! :D
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