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Paleo fun

While reading Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs blog, came across this [link] and decided to contribute.

So, let me present to you "David's Ultimate Wishlist of Interspecies Conflict Vidz"

1. A hundred Mononykus vs. Carcharodontosaurus: They'd swarm the big brute and crawl into all sorts of uncomfortable places.
2. Four strategically placed Incisivosaurus vs. Giraffatitan: Two words: beaver style.
3. Citipati vs. Gigantoraptor: I see the little dude running circles around Giganto while making some outrageously stupid shrieking sound. For about ten minutes.
4. Pot-bellied T. rex vs. the Jurassic Park T. rex. It's a draw, until Stan Winston strides out with a Glock and empties a clip into Pot-belly.
5. Protoceratops vs. Leptoceratops. The most disgusting display of brutality and gore imaginable.
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'Oh huh I lost a leg. No worries. I have three more'
JacoBaryonyx's avatar
Is the girafititan based on the piece by Luis. V Rey
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
No? I based it on the fossil mount in Berlin.
JacoBaryonyx's avatar
Ah ok sorry i saw a similar piece by i believe it was Luis V Rey
Midiaou's avatar
XD this is hilarious!
CrashBandicoot2015's avatar
baby triceratops with feathers !?
Celestial-Rainstorm's avatar
I love the perspective on the Giraffititan
Aloodonguy67's avatar
I always didn't like those potbellied Tyrannosaurs anyways....they looked like herbivores.....
rip stan winston
raptorman123's avatar
Is that Protoceratops taking a shit?
Algoroth's avatar
Very cool pic!

Rex may well have been "pot-bellied" if the new mounts with gastralia are correctly done. To me, it makes the beast all the scarier and more nasty. It did NOT waddle like a duck, however.

Look up Tyrannosaurus Stan! The mount is very well done; very active looking.

Your concepts are excellently done! :icondragonnod2:
HellraptorStudios's avatar
lol this was a very fun and original idea, very good indeed :)
Virus122's avatar
Vintage TRex will offer Stan Winston as a marriage gift to JP Rex ^^
Danny-Haymond-Jr's avatar
I've always loved JP T-Rex!
TheMorlock's avatar
I like the top one. :D
Albertonykus's avatar
Bonus points for getting ceratopsian hands right!
Eliphaleth's avatar
They are all just great! My favourite is, undoubtedly, Stan (R.I.P.) & JP Rex vs Fat Vintage Rex, hahahaha!
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
Just another ordinary day at Jurassic Park. :D
mishkuu's avatar
babbletrish's avatar
Keith Murphy was wrong. Oh, so very wrong. THIS is the most beautifullest thing in this world.

(Holy God, the Gigantoraptor looking at the bug. And the Mononykuses! :salute: )
HodariNundu's avatar
Epic :D BTW your dinos remind me of those Bill Watterson used to draw in Calvin and Hobbes. Which btw are among my favorite dinosaur drawings ever XD
BrokenMachine86's avatar
The Mononykus vs. Carcharodontosaurus is great XD
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