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No Danger

oil painting 2007,
Quiet encounter in Late Cretaceous forest; Albertaceratops nesmoi meets an opossum family.

Close up's and details;
Albertaceratops head
Didelphimorphid mammal
Image details
Image size
1000x726px 148.17 KB
Shutter Speed
10/1000 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 14, 2007, 3:19:06 PM
© 2007 - 2022 tuomaskoivurinne
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Patrickc1193's avatar
I mean it's not like these little guys will eat their eggs or anything. Right?
Teratophoneus's avatar
again an incredible good picture ! I love how you made the beak and the upper jaw line :)
Michelle56's avatar
VoltaireArts's avatar
"Wow! I can't believe I hadn't seen this one in your gallery, it's awesome! :D I love the atmosphere"²

I take their words... but this is true... fantastic!!!
Red-Dilopho's avatar
Wow! I can't believe I hadn't seen this one in your gallery, it's awesome! :D I love the atmosphere
tehuti's avatar
How adorable! :aww: I love the looks they're giving each other. What an interesting juxtaposition.
francisPapillon's avatar
Wow! I love the ceratopsian's head! It's strange, but there is emotion in this piece, with the faded background and everything...
Gorgosaurus's avatar
Nice one, Tuomas!

I like the mood.

tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
HOULY1970's avatar
Great atmosphere in this Tuomas, and look at all those ferns.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thank you... I was ment to put up a separate "ferns"-close up in the scraps. I'm pretty pleased with them too :D
Dinomaniac's avatar
quoting the legendary Steve Irwin.

Easily one of your best ones!
There are few minor changes I would made to the dino because I'm whiner..but nothing major. :D
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Anna tulla... ittelle tulee mieleen toi Albertaceratopsin nahka... se näyttäää aika "pehmeältä" ja siloiselta, mutten uskaltanu/jaksanu lähtee leikkiin sillä. En oo tehny öljyväreillä dinoja sitten yläasteen.
Dinomaniac's avatar
juuh...noh...enpä paljon muuttais.
En edes lisäisi suomu yksityiskohtia koska ne saattaisivat tuhota tuon kivan aamu utuisen tunnelman. :D
Silmä voisi olla vähän pienempi...ja valkuaisen voisi ehkä jättää silmästä pois.
Maku asiahan se vain on mutta toisaalta vain ihmisillä on selkeästi näkyvät valkuaiset.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Ymmärrän täydellisesti. Itse selailin kuvia hevosten, lehmien ja hirvieläinten silmistä, mutta jotenkin se maalattuna näytti jotenkin niin kuolleelta että epäilin voiko sellaisella nähdä mitään (lue 'en osannut maalata' ;)) ja siks lisäsin siihen valkuaisen.
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
This really is EASILY the best crtaceous mammal art I've seen on here so far. This whole situtation is like something out of a movie, and I am truly floored by it.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thnak you very much... you just cheered up my day a bit :D
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
Anytime, I truly love this piece.

PS-I also notice that the dino is looking at the mammals out of his left eye by tilting his head, THAT is a great touch.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Yea, well... animals that are ment to be eaten, somehow always seem to be unable to look straigh in front of them ;)
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
Yeah, but that's why they're cute.
PavelKirilovich's avatar
Awesome, as always. The effect you achieved on the Late Cretaceous forest with the "mist shrouding" is excellent!
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