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New life in the Western Interior Seaway

acrylics 2015,
Clidastes liodontus giving birth to to live young.

A marine turtle, Toxochelys latiremis is minding his own business. Yet the shark duo, in the background, is probably there for a reason.
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Awesome! One of my favorite dinosaurs. I always loved that scene from 'Walking with Dinosaurs'.
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Thanks. However, there's not a single dinosaur in this picture....
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This is really similar to that scene in Dinosaur Revolution, check it out
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Wow! This is awesome!
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There must be SO MUCH more work involved in painting prehistoric scenes than in painting animals and landscapes that can be seen in real life - but thank you so much for taking the trouble to make prehistory come alive for the rest of us!
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Nice!  Really like the water reflections and the blood in the water - very authentic.  :thumbsup:
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And I think I know the reason WHY those sharks are here; to EAT the young.
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Dinosaur Revolution nostalgia?
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