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Nanshiungosaurus brevispinus

pencil 2006.
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i like its nice
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Nice job.There are so many different dinosaurs that I can possibly remember them all. Anyway, this dinosaur looks very similar to therizinosaurus, was it related to it?
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Yes, it was :D Do you mean that you can or can't remember them all?
EmperorDinobot's avatar
Awesome drawing of Nanshiungosaurus!
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Very nice work; impressive detail and perspective.
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en tiedä mikä sinuun on iskenyt mutta nämä 3 viimeisintä työtä ovat olleet erittäin hienoja ja omalaatuisia. :D
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
En mäkään... oli vapaata aikaa.. Kiitos :D
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Is Nanshiungosaurus in the therizinosaur family? I haven't heard of this species before, but the general shape looks familiar.
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Yes he is. Just put the name in Google, you'll find out more info.
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Another great work using perspective. ;)
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