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Just a quick comic

Felt like making fun of something...
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CIA: Drone Strike and deny everything. 
NSA: Same as the CIA.
Gestapo would have burned down the forrest :D
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This is fantastic! The expression on the rabbit's face is amazing. Great colourwork!
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You should add another frame for the NSA where they tell you that a tree fell in the woods.
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... or a DEA guy telling that a magic tree fell in the crystal forest.
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Very good , I laugh for 4 whole minutes!
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KGB pwns everyone. haha awesome
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en tiedä miksi mut kgb tyyppi muistuttaa minusta big bossia metal gear solid kolmosesta...
pitäisisiköhän lopettaa sen sarjan läpi peluu?
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Oh god, this was rich. [link]
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Congrats mate, your comic has been translated into Polish, I just discovered that! ;D [link] though the FBI panel has been screwed up ;P
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It has been done without my permission and my name has been edited off.

I'm not amused one bit...
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well, the site is more or less a Polish equivalent of 9gag. The picture has been uploaded by a user named 'Jakubcio'. To write a note to the said user directly you'd have to create an account there I guess. But you can always contact the admins by clicking here [link] , maybe they can do something?
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Thank you, will do...
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Sorry that I bother you again, but your comic also appeared here [link] Here's the link to the contact panel in case you decide to write to them as well [link]
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Maybe I should add just HUGE watermarks to everything I do these days? Something that covers the whole image?
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well, adding huge watermarks will be to the detriment of your detailed art, but on the other hand I perfectly understand the feeling when your art flows freely as an anonymous pic over the internet. I try to use the dA watermarks whenever possible, but it does not solve the problem satisfactorily I guess
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I'd hate to watermark my works, but I equally hate the fact that anyone can just pick up my works and in the worst case-scenario, introduce oneself as the original artist.
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Seriously awesome. I laughed out loud and got some weird looks.
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love it - the bear speaks to my heart :)
This made me giggle :)
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Neuvostohistoriaan hurahtaneena: aivan mielipuolisen hyvä tuotos. Tussilaveeraus?
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