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Isisaurus colberti

pencil 2010.
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Ah! Thanks! I've been looking for more Isisaur references! Such a weird-lookin' critter. I'm planning on doing a sculpture.
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Great drawing! :)

I'm wondering did you find some good skeletal drawings of this guy for references?
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Thanks, it's a sort of mixture from Matt Wedel's and Jaime Headden's skeletals. The front legs looked so odd that I had "calm" them down a bit. And I actually liked the relatively short and deep neck, often depicted.
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Yeah, the legs of this sauropod are very strange looking but you did good job. Though there is something wrong in my opinion in the wrist area of the right forearm. It looks broken to me.

I've never seen Wedel's and Headden's skeletals... would you mind to send them to me via e-mail? I'm collecting all skeletal reconstructions I manage to find.

BTW, I agree that the shorter and bulkier neck looks somewhat better. For my reconstruction I went after another reconstruction but I don't know if it was completely accurate. I'm not that into the debates about this sauropod.
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Broken? It might look like it's twisting or bending in a bit odd way...
Both skeletals are online, here by Wedel: [link]
and by ~Qilong: [link]
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The specimen is poorly described, with measurements for only some elements and other images not correctly scaled. It needs major redescription, and like NOW.
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Yes, bending is a better word... that's what I ment. It looks like it's oddly bended. Well, of course it's not that noticeable but I just decided to point it out.

Thank you very much for the skeletals! They are very different from the one I used for my reconstruction of Isisaurus.
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Man, I LOVE the way you draw sauropods!! :la:
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can i keep it? can i? can i??
"No son, we don't have the money to feed that thing!!"
lol nice job dude, i really like it. + i freakin love dinos
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