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Horns03: Medusaceratops

acrylics 2010,
Medusaceratops lokii.
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Dinosaurs vs mud. Mud wins XD
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A mud bath! I love the idea of these giants getting rid of the flies, ha ha! Great piece!
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Is this Medusaceratops or albertaceratops.? I m asking because Albertaceratops was informally called medusaceratops until it was fully described. Then another species was named medusaceratops, this new medusaceratops looks very similar to albertaceratops but is an own species.
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This is the "new" Medusaceratops. The two look very similar indeed, and caused confusion, like you mentioned. I have a painting of Albertaceratops as well (unrelated to this "Horns"-series) [link]
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oh, it is the best image of the new medusaceratops that i have seen so far :)
Its a cool scene ,it doesnt show only the hard allday life of the dinosaurs like many other artists draw their pictures,this here shows a harmonical moment of a dinosaurs life, I like that. :)
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
I view dinosaurs as animals, not monsters :) Thank you.
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thats what I think too :)
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That's one reason I don't like in most of the dinosaur-related tv-shows these days (as we discussed earlier). They sell their sensation shows with biggest-baddest-mightiest attitude and tend to present scientific theories and assumptions as hard facts.
It's like watching a giant monster movie, instead of a serious documentary.
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did you hear about that upcoming movie from china? its called tarbosaurus 3d. I saw the trailer and was impressed by the visual effects because they looked very good and it shows the life of the tarbosaurus from juvenile to adult. The only think that isnt so good is that it probably have some kind of disney-dinosaur-life because there will be a fight beetwen two tarbos that know each other since birth(is sen in the trailer and some spin-offs).
so ironically it sounds, i think the episode of jurassic fight club that shows t rex vs nanotyrannus, was one that-even showing a fight- managed to bring some facts about the ´good´side of tyrannosaurus to the viewers ,because it showed that t rex protected its youngs and were good parents not always the big terrifying monster that we always see in movies.
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Hadn't heard of it before. Saw couple of trailers, and think they could do even better than that. Tarbosaurus resembles Godzilla?
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Järjettömän komean maiseman sait sitten taas aikaiseksi... pilvi-addiktina ensimmäiseksi silmään pisti minulle tuo upea taivas ja heijastavat lätäköt, vaikka itse sauruksetkin ovat tietysti jälleen tosi luonnollisen näköisiä. Nämä onkin jotakin hiukan vieraampaa lajiketta, en muista nimeä kuulleeni aikaisemmin. Varsin tyytyväisen näköisiä otuksia kuitenkin. =)
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Kiitos. Medusaceratops on vastikään nimetty, uusi veijari.
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My favorite horned dinosaur!
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interesting scene... :thumbsup:
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Cool, one of the new ceratopsians!
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Indeed, and at the moment it's pretty difficult to obtain information on thses guys.
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Another amazing series, my friend. :clap: A true masterpiece! :worship:
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thank you, companheiro... I think it means 'good friend', hopefully I didn't just call you 'darling' or anything :)
felipe-elias's avatar
Don´t worry, because you are correct. =D A more "literal" translation from Portuguese could be "partner", but here in Brazil we use "companheiro" to call our good friends. ;)
Well, it´s always a pleasure admiring your work. Your skills with acrylics is awesome. :clap:
I´m now practicing more on traditional techniques too. I´m learning about oil on canvas and I already have a painting finished. It´s an Native American warrior. I need to get some shots to post here. =)
Regards, Tuomas
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Looking forward to see new stuff from you :)
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